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SwiftyJSONAccelerator - OSX app and CLI to generate Swift 3 code for models from JSON.

  •    Swift

A swift model generator like the Objective-C JSONAccelerator. Formats and generates models for the given JSON and also breaks them into files making it easy to manage and share between several models. Currently, the pattern is very similar to its Objective-C counterpart. It generates classes with following properties.

EVReflection - Reflection based (Dictionary, CKRecord, NSManagedObject, Realm, JSON and XML) object mapping with extensions for Alamofire and Moya with RxSwift or ReactiveSwift

  •    Swift

At this moment the master branch is for Swift 4.0 If you want to continue using EVReflection in an older version, then use the corresponding branch. Run the unit tests to see EVReflection in action. In most cases EVReflection is very easy to use. Just take a look the section It's easy to use. But if you do want to do non standard specific things, then EVReflection will offer you an extensive range of functionality.

swan - Swan stands for Stuff We All Need

  •    CSharp

Repeating code and reinventing the wheel is generally considered bad practice. At Unosquare we are committed to beautiful code and great software. Swan is a collection of classes and extension methods that we (and other good developers) have written and evolved over the years. We found ourselves copying and pasting the same code for every project every time we started them. We decided to kill that cycle once and for all. This is the result of that idea. Our philosophy is that Swan should have no external dependencies, it should be cross-platform, and it should be useful.We offer the Swan library in two flavors since version 0.24. Swan Lite provides basic classes and extension methods and Swan Standard (we call it Fat Swan) provides everything in Swan Lite plus Network, WinServices, DI and more. See the following table to understand the components available to these flavors of Swan.

disposable - Decorators on top of your ORM layer.

  •    Ruby

Decorators on top of your ORM layer. Disposable gives you "Twins": non-persistent domain objects. That is reflected in the name of the gem. They can read from and write values to a persistent object and abstract the persistence layer until data is synced to the model.

MoyaObjectMapper - ObjectMapper bindings for Moya, RxSwift and ReactiveSwift

  •    Swift

ObjectMapper bindings for Moya for easier JSON serialization. Includes RxSwift and ReactiveSwift bindings as well. The subspec if you want to use the bindings over RxSwift.

refmt - Object mapping for golang.

  •    Go

refmt is a serialization and object-mapping library. Mostly because I have some types which I need to encode in two different ways, and that needs to not suck, and that totally sucks with most serialization libraries I've used. Also, I need to serialize things in different formats, e.g. sometimes JSON and other times CBOR, and that needs to work without me wrestling two different object-serial libraries and configs.

SexyJson - SexyJson is Swift4

  •    Swift

SexyJson is Swift4.0 json parse open source library quickly and easily, perfect supporting class and struct model, support the KVC model, fully oriented protocol architecture, support iOS and MAC OS X

ObjectMapper_RealmSwift - Helps to parse RealmSwift's List<Class>() and RealmOptional<T>() properties with ObjectMapper framework

  •    Ruby

Here is the sample code how to use it. Assume you have installed RealmSwift and ObjectMapper. Next step to create realm object. According to https://realm.io/docs/swift/latest/#cheatsheet don't forget dynamic and let where it is nessesary.

DictionaryUtils - iOS Dictionary Utilities for Swift - allowing you to pull properties from a dictionary using a string eg

  •    Swift

Dictionary utils allows you to use JSON like referencing to travers an object. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.