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jaxb2ruby - Generate pure Ruby objects from an XML schema (XSD) using JAXB and JRuby

  •    Ruby

jaxb2ruby must be installed and ran under JRuby. The generated classes will not depend on JRuby. Certain XML schema types are converted to Symbols. You can specify your own XML Schema to Ruby type mapping(s) via the -c option.

SJDatabaseMapping - DatabaseMapping

  •    Objective-C

根据模型自动创建与该类相关的表(多个表), 可以进行增删改查. 当类添加了新的属性的时候, 会自动更新相关的表字段. Automatically create tables based on the model. To achieve additions and deletions. When the class adds a new attribute, it will automatically update the relevant table field. The database is stored on the basis of the model, so the stored target needs to be an object. For example, a array can not be stored, a class is needed in the outer layer, and the array is used as an property for this class.

hbase-orm - An ORM library that helps you [1] write+test MapReduce jobs that read from and write to HBase tables [2] read/write HBase rows in a clean way

  •    Java

An ultra-light-weight HBase ORM library that enables [1] object-oriented access of HBase rows (Data Access Object) [2] reading from and/or writing to HBase tables in Hadoop MapReduce jobs [3] writing high-quality test cases for classes that interact with HBase