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NodObjC - The Node.js ⇆ Objective-C bridge

NodObjC exposes the Objective-C runtime to Node.js in a high-level, easy to use fashion. It uses the BridgeSupport files to dynamically generate an API from an Objective-C "Framework", and uses the node ffi module to dynamically interact with the Objective-C runtime.Or add it to the "dependencies" section of your package.json file.

geom - 2D/3D geometry toolkit for Clojure/Clojurescript

Comprehensive and modular geometry toolkit for Clojure/ClojureScript developed in a literate programming style. Currently BETA quality, largely stable, but pre-release software. The libraries have been used in production for several projects, but further breaking API changes are still forthcoming...

gel - The N64-like software renderer

Gel (Graphical Emulation Layer) is an N64-like software renderer. Models must be bundled with a single obj file and texture file. The obj file must include vertex normals.

Wavefront Object Support

Support for reading of 3D objects from the standard Wavefront Object file format. Allows dynamic loading of OBJ files into Windows Presentation Foundation 3D view ports.

to-fast-properties - Force V8 to use fast properties for an object

Read more.Use %HasFastProperties(object) and --allow-natives-syntax to check whether an object already has fast properties.

sort-keys - Sort the keys of an object

Useful to get a deterministically ordered object, as the order of keys can vary between engines.Returns a new object with sorted keys.

sort-on - Sort an array on an object property

Returns a new sorted array.The string can be a dot path to a nested object property. Prepend it with - to sort it in descending order.

filter-obj - Filter object keys and values into a new object

Source object to filter properties from.Array of properties that should be filtered from the object or a filter function. The function has the signature filterFn(sourceKey, sourceValue, source).

object-values - Get the values of an object

Returns an array of own enumerable property values of an object.If you target Node.js 7 or higher, just use Object.values() instead.

p-props - Like `Promise.all()` but for `Map` and `Object`

Useful when you need to run multiple promises concurrently and keep track of the fulfilled values by name.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises in input are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is the same as input, but with a fulfilled version of each entry value.

is-obj - Check if a value is an object

Keep in mind that array, function, regexp, etc, are objects in JavaScript. See is-plain-obj if you want to check for plain objects.

is-plain-obj - Check if a value is a plain object

An object is plain if it's created by either {}, new Object() or Object.create(null).

known - Allow only access to known object properties using ES2015 Proxy

Proxies are objects for which the programmer has to define the semantics in JavaScript. The default object semantics are implemented in the JavaScript engine, often written in lower-level languages like C++. Proxies let the programmer define most of the behavior of an object in JavaScript. They are said to provide a meta-programming API.

hash-obj - Get the hash of an object

Encoding of the returned hash.Don't use md5 or sha1 for anything sensitive. They're insecure.