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optimus - 🤖 Id obfuscation based on Knuth's multiplicative hashing method for PHP.

  •    PHP

With this library, you can transform your internal id's to obfuscated integers based on Knuth's integer hash. It is similar to Hashids, but will generate integers instead of random strings. It is also super fast.

javascript-obfuscator - A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    TypeScript

JavaScript obfuscator is a powerful free obfuscator for JavaScript with a wide number of features which provides protection for your source code. It is not recommended to obfuscate vendor scripts and polyfills, since the obfuscated code is 15-80% slower (depends on options) and the files are significantly larger.

SpookFlare - Loader, dropper generator with multiple features for bypassing client-side and network-side countermeasures

  •    Python

SpookFlare has a different perspective to bypass security measures and it gives you the opportunity to bypass the endpoint countermeasures at the client-side detection and network-side detection. SpookFlare is a loader/dropper generator for Meterpreter, Empire, Koadic etc. SpookFlare has obfuscation, encoding, run-time code compilation and character substitution features. So you can bypass the countermeasures of the target systems like a boss until they "learn" the technique and behavior of SpookFlare payloads. Special thanks to the following projects and contributors.

Obfuscapk - An automatic obfuscation tool for Android apps that works in a black-box fashion, supports advanced obfuscation features and has a modular architecture easily extensible with new techniques

  •    Python

A black-box obfuscation tool for Android apps. Obfuscapk is a modular Python tool for obfuscating Android apps without needing their source code, since apktool is used to decompile the original apk file and to build a new application, after applying some obfuscation techniques on the decompiled smali code, resources and manifest. The obfuscated app retains the same functionality as the original one, but the differences under the hood sometimes make the new application very different from the original (e.g., to signature-based antivirus software).

pyconcrete - Protect your python script, encrypt it as .pye and decrypt when import it

  •    C

If you only execute pip install will not display any prompt(via stdout) from pyconcrete. Installation will be blocked and waiting for user input passphrase twice. You must input passphrase for installation continuously. pyconcrete installed as egg, if you want to uninstall pyconcrete will need to manually delete pyconcrete.pth.

Obfuscar, The Open Source Obfuscator for .NET Applications

  •    DotNet

Obfuscar is an open source .NET obfuscator released under MIT license. It provides basic obfuscation features that help secure secrets in a .NET assembly.


  •    CSharp

It is a Software Protection tool, designed to help .NET developers efficiently protect their software. It will obfuscate and protect your .NET code, optimize your .NET assembly for better deployment, minimize distribution size, increase performance & add powerful post-deplo...


  •    DotNet

This project show how create your own obfuscator for application .net, as a protection source code


  •    CSharp

Dafuscator is a database data obfuscation system that allows you to tactically obfuscate or delete data out of your production database while leaving most of the data intact.

obfuscar - Open source obfuscation tool for .NET assemblies

  •    CSharp

The project logo cames from Legendora Icon by Teekatas Suwannakrua. Maintained and supported by LeXtudio.

Obfuscate - C/C++ machine code obfuscation.

  •    Assembly

C/C++ machine code obfuscation. Code example for the x86-64 Machine Code Obfuscation article. Project is released under the terms of the MIT License.

ProGuard - Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier

  •    Java

This repository contains all versions also available on http://proguard.sourceforge.net.

module-concat - Fairly lightweight CommonJS module concatenation tool

  •    Javascript

This library exposes a single function and stream API that concatenates CommonJS modules within a project. This can be used to obfuscate an entire project into a single file. It can also be used to write client-side JavaScript code where each file is written just like a Node.js module. Note: Used to be called node-module-concat but has since been renamed.

VisualBasicObfuscator - Visual Basic Code universal Obfuscator intended to be used during penetration testing assignments

  •    Python

Visual Basic Code universal Obfuscator intended to be used during penetration testing assignments. To be used mainly to avoid AV and mail filters detections as well as Blue Teams inspection tasks. There is still a huge area of improvement in testing which obfuscation techniques trigger what patterns, and work towards reducing such detection rate.

Obfuscator-Class - :man_technologist: Simple and effective Obfuscator PHP class (this is not a stupid base64 encoding script, but a real and effective obfuscation script)

  •    PHP

I first created it for my needs, especially for the license file of my pH7CMS Software in early 2014 but now (summer 2016), I don't need to keep this project private and want to share it for the others (hoping it will help you and saving time!). FYI, in 3 years, I never found my obfuscated code unobfuscated (and one project which is pH7CMS had been downloaded by over 50,000 users) so you can be quite confident (however as you can understand, I cannot give any guarantee on it).

confusion - Simple obfuscator for JavaScript source code

  •    CoffeeScript

Sometimes, we need that little bit of “security through obscurity” and want to obfuscate our source code. confusion makes it harder to decipher your code by replacing string literals and property accesses with lookups into a string map.

NewsUP - NewsUP a binary usenet uploader/poster (multiple connections, SSL and NZB).

  •    Perl

This program will upload binary files to the usenet. This program is licensed with GPLv3. This readme contains the basic info on how to run newsup and it's options. For windows installation, or another stuff more specific to some environment/script please check the wiki.

w32evol - An obfuscation engine which obfuscates Intel x86 32-bit binary code.

  •    Assembly

This does not contain a virus. w32evol is a command line interface to the obfuscation/metamorphic engine used by the Win32.Evol virus. It rewrites files containing x86 instructions encoded in binary.

hxobfuscator - Shortens names for smaller output and better gzip compression in Haxe/JavaScript builds

  •    Haxe

Shortens names for smaller output in Haxe/JavaScript builds. This library is build as helper for JavaScript minification tools (not included). Smaller field names means smaller output.

gnirts - Obfuscate string literals in JavaScript code.

  •    Javascript

Obfuscate string literals in JavaScript code. gnirts mangles string literals more than hexadecimal escape like "\x66\x6f\x6f". String literals that were escaped by the hexadecimal escape can be found out too easily, and those can be decoded too easily. Those stand out in the code. Stealers can get secret text (e.g. password) easily by pasting that on a console (e.g. Developer Tools of web browser).

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