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socialite - :octocat: Socialite is an OAuth2 Authentication tool

  •    PHP

Socialite is an OAuth2 Authentication tool. It is inspired by laravel/socialite, You can easily use it in any PHP project. facebook, github, google, linkedin, outlook, weibo, qq, wechat, and douban.

linkedin-api-php-client - LinkedIn API PHP SDK with OAuth 2 support

  •    PHP

See complete example inside index.php to get started. You will need at least PHP 5.6. PHP 5.5 was deprecated more than a year ago! This is the time for upgrade.

PSRAW - PowerShell Reddit API Wrapper

  •    PowerShell

PSRAW is a Reddit API Wrapper module for the PowerShell scripting language. PSRAW allows for PowerShell command and object based access to Reddit's REST API. This allows for full access to all of Reddit's features including commenting, posting, messaging, and moderation provided by Reddit's API via PowerShell. This module was created by Mark Kraus as new iteration of the ConnectReddit module. It is heavily inspired by the PRAW module for the python language and the PSMSGraph PowerShell module for Microsoft Graph API.

kong-oauth2-consent-app - A consent application for OAuth 2

  •    Go

This is a sample consent application demonstrating the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant flow with Kong, the microservice API gateway. In the traditional Authorization Code Grant flow the "Authorization Server" generally handles both obtaining consent from the user and serving authorization codes and the subsequent access/refresh tokens. With Kong in the picture, the roles need to be split into two. Kong can serve authorization codes and access/refresh tokens but it has no functionality to authenticate the user and obtain their consent.

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