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typescript-starter - Quickly create and configure a new library or Node.js project

  •    TypeScript

Run one simple command to install and use the interactive project generator. You'll need Node v8.9 (the current LTS release) or later. The interactive CLI will help you create and configure your project automatically.

surger - ⚡ Is there surge pricing around me right now?

  •    Javascript

Is there surge pricing around me right now? This little CLI utility will determine your location (currently OS X only) using location services and determine if surge pricing is active within your range.

MTAPI - JSON proxy server for the MTA's realtime New York City subway feed

  •    Python

MTAPI is a small HTTP server that converts the MTA's realtime subway feed from Protocol Buffers/GTFS to JSON. The app also adds caching and makes it possible to retrieve information by location and train line. This project is under active development and any part of the API may change. Feedback is very welcome.

nodejs-project-example - Repository containing the bare bones tools I use in most Node

  •    Javascript

This project uses Jest, ESlint with the AirBnb standard, and Prettier for testing, linting, and formatting. To build this project, simply run yarn build.

NYCOpenRecords - A web application to submit and view Freedom of Information Law requests

  •    Python

NYC OpenRecords is an application that assists individuals in the process of submitting Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests to a NYC Agency. The web application also allows government employees to manage, respond to, and fulfill incoming requests. NYC OpenRecords is a Python web application built using the Flask framework for the backend. The frontend is built using the Bootstrap framework. OpenRecords is compatible with most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and above.

nyc-restaurant-grades - Sample application for my talks on GraphQL & Relay

  •    Ruby

This application allows you to query the NYC Restaurant Inspection Results data (letter ratings for restaurants) via a GraphQL interface.

react-test-buffet - An all-you-can-eat buffet of React TDD

  •    Javascript

Running npm start will spin up a Docker container that will install the npm packages and start a Webpack dev server with hot reloading. Changes to the source code on the host will be reflected inside the container. Having the app in the container removes the need for devs to install Node and the npm packages on their machines. This in turn makes it very easy to get rid of problems where developers get out of sync with the Node version or have stale packages installed. If you need to stop/restart the container you can use npm stop. Given that you don't change the package.json file, the npm packages will be cached next time you start the container.

ACCESS-NYC - Find help in NYC with food, money, housing, work and more on ACCESS NYC, managed and developed by the Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity

  •    PHP

ACCESS NYC provides a mobile-friendly front door for New Yorkers to screen for City, State, and Federal benefit and program eligibility as well as learn how to apply to programs and find local help. ACCESS NYC is for benefits-seeking residents in NYC and accommodates residents...

mta-gtfs - A node.js NYC MTA API library

  •    Protocol

For feed information, see http://datamine.mta.info/list-of-feeds. In order to use the MTA real-time APIs, you will need an MTA API key from here: http://datamine.mta.info/user/register.

am-i-rent-stabilized - A web app to inform NYC residents about rent stabilization

  •    CSS

A mobile friendly, multi-lingual web app that informs NYC residents about Rent Stabilization by simplifying the process of how to find out if their apartment may be rent stabilized, if they are paying too much rent, and what to do about it. See it in action at amirentstabilized.com.

coverage-markers - 📦 Atom package to display JavaScript test coverage on gutter of editor.

  •    Javascript

Atom package to display JavaScript test coverage on gutter of editor. or go to settings > search for coverage-markers and install.

jenkins-mocha - Bin wrapper for Mocha + Istanbul + Xunit (for Jenkins)

  •    Javascript

Single command to run your Mocha unit tests with both XUnit and LCov output (for Jenkins). Any other parameters added to the command will be passed directly to mocha.

open-screeps - :construction: reusable and tested building blocks for every screeps code base :construction:

  •    TypeScript

This repository is a collection of useful snippets and methods that I came up with when programming for the game screeps. I'm now attempting to restructure my code and splitting it into reusable modules for everyone to enjoy, teaching myself how to work with unit tests and a monorepo in the progress. This is still heavily work in progress while I extract modules from my code and get used to different tools. The disclaimer will get removed once I've established a workflow and published the packages to npm.

nyc - 🏙 New York, NY


Don't worry, don't worry, I'm a native. It's okay if you aren't and it's okay if you are! The all new NYC chapter is all about real social networking amongst likeminded individuals with a passion for JavaScript and knowledge sharing. Click the button on this repo (star us too!) to get notified of upcoming meeting dates or date and location changes.

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