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n - Node version management

  •    Shell

Node.js version management: no subshells, no profile setup, no convoluted API, just simple.to install n to bin/n of the directory specified in the environment variable $PREFIX, which defaults to /usr/local (note that you will likely need to use sudo). To install n in a custom location (such as $CUSTOM_LOCATION/bin/n), run PREFIX=$CUSTOM_LOCATION make install.


  •    Shell

Virtual Environments for Node.Switch out your node version and global npm install space in one command. Supports named environments. Uses subshells by default so that you can ^D or exit out of an environment quickly. No need to edit .bashrc or .profile, just install and go.

nvm - Node Version Manager - Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

  •    Shell

The script clones the nvm repository to ~/.nvm and adds the source line to your profile (~/.bash_profile, ~/.zshrc, ~/.profile, or ~/.bashrc).You can customize the install source, directory, profile, and version using the NVM_SOURCE, NVM_DIR, PROFILE, and NODE_VERSION variables. Eg: curl ... | NVM_DIR=/usr/local/nvm bash for a global install.

nvm-windows - A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.

  •    Go

I am particularly interested in finding people who can speak something other than English. Several problems have come up with non-latin character sets (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc). I am also interested in producing language packs/translations for the installers. If you are interested in translating, please signup here.I am seeking donations to help pay for a lingohub.com account to make life easier for translators! Please consider becoming a becoming a patron to support this.

fnm - Fast and simple Node.js version manager, built in Rust

  •    Rust

Fast Node Manager (fnm) - Fast and simple Node.js version manager, built in Rust. It is single file, easy installation, instant startup.

nvm - Node Version Manager

  •    Shell

nvm is a version manager for node.js, designed to be installed per-user, and invoked per-shell. nvm works on any POSIX-compliant shell (sh, dash, ksh, zsh, bash), in particular on these platforms: unix, macOS, and windows WSL.

avn - Automatic Version Switching for Node

  •    Javascript

Now when you cd into a directory with a .node-version file, avn will automatically detect the change and use your installed version manager to switch to that version of node. What goes in your .node-version file? A semver version number corresponding to the version of Node.js that your project uses. We don't recommend using all of these tools to manage your versions of node, but feel free to install all of them. They won't conflict with each other.

zsh-nvm - Zsh plugin for installing, updating and loading nvm

  •    Shell

nvm is an awesome tool but it can be kind of a pain to install and keep up to date. This zsh plugin allows you to quickly setup nvm once, save it in your dotfiles, then never worry about it again.The plugin will install the latest stable release of nvm if you don't already have it, and then automatically source it for you. You can upgrade nvm to the latest version whenever you want without losing your installed node versions by running nvm upgrade.

fnm - node.js version manager for fish

  •    Shell

fnm is a node version manager using ideas from tj/n, wbyoung/avn and creationix/nvm for fish. Use node 5.5.0.

testen - :heavy_check_mark: Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.

  •    Javascript

Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.You should have nvm and node >= 4 installed.

plotsbot - A bot for Public Lab

  •    Javascript

plotsbot is an integrated system for bots across various interfaces, such as in an IRC chatroom, in GitHub issues, or on PublicLab.org. The bot consists of a set of behaviors, like "Greet" or "Help" (see below) which can work on one or more interface. Where can I test it out? Currently, the bot lives in #publiclab-testing on OFTC or on #publiclab-testing on Matrix.

ssd-gpu-dma - Build userspace NVMe drivers and storage applications with CUDA support

  •    C

This library is a userspace API implemented in C for writing custom NVM Express (NVMe) drivers and high-performance storage applications. The API provides simple semantics and functions which a userspace program can use to control or manage one or more NVMe disk controllers. The API is in essence similar to SPDK, in that it moves driver code to userspace and relies on hardware polling rather than being interrupt driven. By mapping userspace memory directly, libnvm eliminates the cost of context switching into kernel space and enables zero-copy access from userspace. This greatly reduces the latency of IO operations compared to accessing storage devices through normal file system abstractions provided by the Linux kernel.

capistrano-nvm - nvm support for Capistrano 3.x

  •    Ruby

If your nvm is located in some custom path, you can use nvm_custom_path to set it.

mac-bootstrap - :computer: Provision a new Mac for web development with dotfiles + Zsh, Vim, and Tmux

  •    Shell

The purpose of this script is to provision a new machine running a fresh install of macOS. It installs and configures the software, dotfiles, and general preferences I use for web development — primarily Ruby/Rails and Node.js. The command line environment is based on Zsh (via Oh-My-Zsh), Vim/Neovim and Tmux running in iTerm2 or Terminal.app. Reboot, check for additional updates, then reinstall, reboot if needed.

ivm - io.js version management

  •    Shell

This repository began as a GitHub fork of tj/n. Simple flavour of node binary management, no subshells, no profile setup, no convoluted api, just simple.

pm2-meteor - Simplest way to deploy, scale and run Meteor Apps with PM2.

  •    CoffeeScript

You should have Nodejs, npm and PM2 installed on your host machine. pm2-meteor won't install global tools on your server. If you already have deployed this app before, the old app tar-bundle will be moved to a ./backup directory.

ansible-role-nvm - Role to install nvm and multiple nodejs versions.


Role to install nvm and multiple nodejs versions. Tested with Ansible

plugin-nvm - Node version manager wrapper for Fish shell

  •    Shell

A nvm wrapper for Oh My Fish. NB You have to install nvm itself separately (the curl method works fine under Fish too).

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