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cnl - A Compositional Numeric Library for C++

  •    C++

The library's APIs are developed in colaboration with standardization bodies such as The C++ Standards Committee and members of The Khronos Group Inc. and it serves as a reference implementation for sections of the C++ Numbers Technical Specification. Please read proposals, P0037 and P0554 for more details. Tested on Travis and CircleCI.

goworkshopdevops - Workshop material for 8 hours using golang


Material for 8 hours Practical Immersion with Golang This is a material in Golang to be presented "face-to-face" in a "hand in hand" Workshop that will be done in 8 hours. All content aims at the basic level of the student many practical examples were made with details richness to make life easier than it is initiating. If you know little and almost nothing programming will not be problem every manual was made to level starting to advanced. All the difficulties I had when I started trying to contemplate this material. We will try to improve the material all the time so we can have a reference when it comes to Go.

swift-numberkit - Advanced numeric data types for Swift 5, including BigInt, Rational, and Complex numbers

  •    Swift

Note: So far, with every major version of Swift, Apple decided to change the foundational APIs of the numeric types in Swift significantly and consistently in a backward incompatible way. In order to be more isolated from such changes in future, with Swift 3, I decided to introduce a distinct integer type used in NumberKit based on a new protocol IntegerNumber. All standard numeric integer types implement this protocol. This is now consistent with the usage of protocol FloatingPointNumber for floating point numbers, where there was, so far, never a real, generic enough foundation (and still isn't). BigInt objects are immutable, signed, arbitrary-precision integers that can be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing binary integer types of Swift 5. Struct BigInt defines all the standard arithmetic integer operations and implements the corresponding protocols defined in the standard library.

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