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react-number-format - React component to format numbers in an input or as a text.

  •    Javascript

In typescript you also have to enable "esModuleInterop": true in your tsconfig.json (https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/compiler-options.html). Other than this it accepts all the props which can be given to a input or span based on displayType you selected.

cldr - Elixir implementation of CLDR

  •    Elixir

Cldr is an Elixir library for the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR). The intentions of CLDR, and this library, is to simplify the locale specific formatting of numbers, lists, currencies, calendars, units of measure and dates/times. As of February 4th and Version 1.4, Cldr is based upon CLDR version 32.0.1. It is highly likely that you will also want to install one or more of the dependent packages that provide localization and formatting for a particular data domain. See Additional Cldr Packages below.

number-format - Wrapper above number_format and unit convertor.

  •    PHP

Wrapper above number_format, api is very easy. This version is same like v2.0 but support php7.1+.

numbers2words - It spells numbers!

  •    PHP

This library is meant for general-purpose number spelling for use in, e.g. legal documents and bills.

vue-numeral-filter - Vue.js filter for Numeral.js 🔢 🔣

  •    HTML

Allows for Numeral.js to be used inline in the template section of a component. This can be a convenient way of rendering numerically formatted data in situations where you do not wish to create a computed property. This is the recommended approach.

parse-decimal-number - Parse a decimal number with i18n format support (localized decimal points and comma separators)

  •    CoffeeScript

OK, let’s fix international numbers parsing and validation once and forever. I got the inspiration for this in a UI project because somehow the libraries we used didn’t do a great job, so I wrote my own parser, and this is a more polished version of it. In it’s simplest form, you just use it as a parseFloat replacement.

hrn - :1234: Type module to format number into Human-Readable-String. e.g. 4567 -> 4.6 k.

  •    Javascript

hrn is short for Human Readable Number, a simple javascript for browserjs / nodejs library to format number into human-readable string. There is only one API named hrn(number, fixed, formatter).

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