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oxyplot - A plotting library for .NET

  •    CSharp

You can find examples in the /Source/Examples folder in the code repository.The latest pre-release packages are pushed by AppVeyor CI to myget.org To install these packages, set the myget.org package source https://www.myget.org/F/oxyplot and remember the "-pre" flag.

NuGetPackageExplorer - Create, update and deploy Nuget Packages with a GUI

  •    CSharp

You could install with the Microsoft Store or Chocolatey. The Microsoft Store is the preferred version for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later. It auto-updates and is the full application. There also a nightly build available for direct install on Windows 10 Anniversary Update and higher. The nightly build installs alongside the release version with no interference.

NuGet Community Packages


A set of NuGet packages for common libraries that are maintained by the NuGet community, rather than the library authors themselves. NOTE: This project contains the source of other OSS libraries, who in turn have their own licenses. This project is not re-licensing those li...

NuGet Packages


This is a repository for .net packages.

Framework - ASP.NET Core Extensions and Helper NuGet packages

  •    CSharp

ASP.NET Core Extensions and Helper NuGet packages. If you are looking for the ASP.NET Core Boilerplate project templates, you can find them here.

NetOffice-NuGet - NuGet Packages for NetOffice - https://github.com/netoffice

  •    Batchfile

NetOffice is a set of .NET Wrapper Assemblies for accessing MS Office applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio developed by Sebastian Lange. There are several NuGet packages available and they are specific to each MS Office application.

pmod - Native cross platform library with language projection support for native code.

  •    C++

The pmod SDK is a Microsoft project to allow native code to be used on different languages and platforms with cross-platform in mind. The SDK offer both a runtime implementation and also code generation tools to easily produce 'projection' code into other languages like C#, WinRT, Objective-C, Java, NodeJS. It also offer additional support for MVVM pattern with support of observable objects that willl work on different platforms. Skype: The effort was to build a next generation V2 SDK based on a lot of V1 concepts that will run on every possible platform specially on phones with additional requirements to improve perf and memory consumption. The idea was to use the library to unify the protocol native API to be consumed on Android/iOS/UWP without the need to handcraft wrappers for each platform. The project was cancelled at the last minute in favor to continue with the old approach and the future migration to use other languages (like javascript).


  •    CSharp

This project helps to create XML representing Tile, Toast and Badge notifications on the Windows 8.1/10 and Windows Phone 8.1/10 platforms. You can take a look at the template catalogue to see the types of templates available. It's useful when trying to send notifications from the server side using Azure Mobile Services .NET Backend or some other .NET based push notification. When you want to create notification XML in a standard .NET project and not a WinRT project.