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libnet - A portable framework for low-level network packet construction

  •    C

Libnet is an API to help with the construction and injection of network packets. It provides a portable framework for low-level network packet writing and handling (use libnet in conjunction with libpcap and you can write some really cool stuff). Libnet includes packet creation at the IP layer and at the link layer as well as a host of supplementary and complementary functionality. NOTE: Legacy code written for libnet-1.0.x is unfortunately incompatible with libnet-1.1.x and later. See the Migration Guide for porting help.

truetime-android - Android NTP time library

  •    Java

Make sure to check out our counterpart too: TrueTime, an NTP library for Swift.NTP client for Android. Calculate the date and time "now" impervious to manual changes to device clock time.

fapro - Fake Protocol Server


FaPro is a Fake Protocol Server tool, Can easily start or stop multiple network services. The goal is to support as many protocols as possible, and support as many deep interactions as possible for each protocol.

Phone Net Tools


A collection of tools to overcome certain limitations of networking on the Windows Phone platform, in particular regarding DNS.

Kronos - Elegant NTP date library in Swift

  •    Swift

Kronos is an NTP client library written in Swift. It supports sub-seconds precision and provides an stable monotonic clock that won't be affected by clock changes. This is an example app that displays the monotonic Clock.now on the left and the system clock (initially out of date) on the right.

swan - Swan stands for Stuff We All Need

  •    CSharp

Repeating code and reinventing the wheel is generally considered bad practice. At Unosquare we are committed to beautiful code and great software. Swan is a collection of classes and extension methods that we (and other good developers) have written and evolved over the years. We found ourselves copying and pasting the same code for every project every time we started them. We decided to kill that cycle once and for all. This is the result of that idea. Our philosophy is that Swan should have no external dependencies, it should be cross-platform, and it should be useful.We offer the Swan library in two flavors since version 0.24. Swan Lite provides basic classes and extension methods and Swan Standard (we call it Fat Swan) provides everything in Swan Lite plus Network, WinServices, DI and more. See the following table to understand the components available to these flavors of Swan.

clocksy - Transport-agnostic client-server clock synchronization

  •    Javascript

Transport-agnostic client-server clock synchronization.Maybe your client application merges real-time streams from a server with locally-generated data. Or you want to determine just what the server thinks it is "now", so that you can correctly graph real-time values.


  •    Swift

Make sure to check out our counterpart too: TrueTime, an NTP library for Android.NTP client for Swift. Calculate the time "now" impervious to manual changes to device clock time.

ntpclient - Fork of Larry Doolittle's ntpclient with added damon, syslog, and IPv6 support

  •    C

ntpclient is an NTP client for UNIX-like systems, RFC 1305 and RFC 4330. Its functionality is a small subset of ntpd, chrony, OpenNTPd, and xntpd. Since it is much smaller, it is also more relevant for embedded systems in need for only a client. The goal of ntpclient is not only to set your computer's clock right once, but keep it there.

socket-ntp - NTP Sync using Socket.io

  •    Javascript

NTP Sync using Socket.io. Allows you to sync clients against a server by calculating the time offset. Requires access to socket.io connections on both the client and the server.

ntpclient - NTP client.

  •    C

This NTP client is similar in nature to ntpdate but does not accept any command line arguments nor does it update the system clock. Note that this NTP client does not use any NTP libraries but rather works directly at the NTP protocol level. Within ./source there are two versions of the NTP client. One is written in C while the other one is written in Python. They both have the same functionality and are independent of one another. The C version uses us.pool.ntp.org as the NTP server while the Python version uses pool.ntp.org.

node-ntp-client - Pure Javascript implementation of the NTP Client Protocol

  •    Javascript

Copyright (c) 2014 Clément Bourgeois Licensed under the MIT license.

ntp - a simple ntp client written in go

  •    Go

The ntp package is an implementation of a Simple NTP (SNTP) client based on RFC5905. It allows you to connect to a remote NTP server and request information about the current time. The Response structure's Validate method performs additional sanity checks to determine whether the response is suitable for time synchronization purposes.

sntp - A implementation of NTP server,RFC2030

  •    Go

Please reference Go install chapter of open-source Golang book "build-web-application-with-golang". Apache License, Version 2.0.

puppet-module-ntp - Puppet module to manage ntp

  •    Ruby

This module is supported on the following systems with Puppet v3 and v4 with Ruby versions 1.8.7, 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1.0 and 2.3.1. See ntp.conf(5) for more information regarding settings.

nerves_time - Keep time in sync on Nerves devices

  •    Elixir

Nerves.Time keeps the system clock on Nerves devices in sync when connected to the network and close to in sync when disconnected. It's especially useful for devices lacking a Battery-backed real-time clock and will advance the clock at startup to a reasonable guess. If you're using one of the official Nerves Systems, then this is all that's needed. nerves_time requires Busybox's ntpd and date applets to be enabled. If you haven't explicitly disabled the, they're probably enabled.

sensu-plugins-ntp - This plugin provides native NTP instrumentation for monitoring and metrics collection, including: server drift, and metrics via `ntpdate` and `ntpstats`

  •    Ruby

Provides plugins for checking and measuring Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. Check the synchronization state of the local NTP server.

sntp - SNTP client (RFC4330) for node

  •    Javascript

An SNTP v4 client (RFC4330) for node. Simpy connects to the NTP or SNTP server requested and returns the server time along with the roundtrip duration and clock offset. To adjust the local time to the NTP time, add the returned t offset to the local time. If an application needs to maintain continuous time synchronization, the module provides a stateful method for querying the current offset only when the last one is too old (defaults to daily).

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