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Aggregates.NET - .NET event sourced domain driven design model via NServiceBus and GetEventStore

  •    CSharp

Aggregates.NET is a framework to help developers integrate the excellent NServiceBus and EventStore libraries together. This project was originally inspired by and still uses many ideas from NES and CommonDomain.

eShopOnContainersDDD - Fork of dotnet-architecture/eShopOnContainers in full DDD/CQRS design using my own patterns

  •    CSharp

This project is a fork (maybe better a loose copy) of Microsoft's container example eShopOnContainers. I implemented many of the same objects using my own DDD, EventSourcing library Aggregates.NET and its meant to be an illustrative example of a fully event sourced application.

TodoMVC-DDD-CQRS-EventSourcing - Implementation of basic Todo app via tastejs/todomvc in C#/Typescript with eventsourcing, cqrs, and domain driven design

  •    CSharp

Being this project has such a small domain context there are only a couple source files which contain real logic. Other files are helpers, extensions, or setup. EventSourcing is a process of representing domain objects (Orders, Invoices, Accounts, etc) as a series of separate events.