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now-cli - The command line interface for Now

  •    Javascript

Now enables instant immutable deployments to any cloud provider with a simple API that's scalable, intuitive and optimized for collaboration.The output of the now command will be a unique url to the deployment. No need for git.

serve - Static file serving and directory listing

  •    Javascript

Ever wanted to share a project on your network by running just a command? Then this module is exactly what you're looking for: It provides a neat interface for listing the directory's contents and switching into sub folders.If you set the --auth flag, the package will look for a username and password in the SERVE_USER and SERVE_PASSWORD environment variables.

login-with - Stateless login-with microservice for OAuth

  •    Javascript

You can deploy with now or Docker (for mandatory and optional env variables see below). This microservice must run in a subdomain of yours, e.g. login.yourdomain.com.

Tencent-NOW - iOS视频直播:仿腾讯旗下 < NOW > 直播 斗鱼 抖音 火山视频 花椒 熊猫 YY 陌陌 映客 直播APP iOS Live video

  •    Objective-C

行业的竞争会越来越激烈, 不管是主播还是直播平台都面临着激烈的竞争, 当然直播 行业也会越来越规范, 直播元素也越来越多. 采集: iOS系统因为软硬件种类不多, 硬件适配性比较好, 所以比较简单. 而Android端市面上机型众多, 要做些机型的适配工作. PC端是最麻烦的, 各种奇葩摄像头驱动.所以现在很多的中小型直播平台, 都放弃了PC的直播, 更有一些直播平台只做iOS端的视频直播.

pronto - ⚡ The now.sh experience for databases

  •    Javascript

⚡ Pronto is a working concept for deploying databases, the same way Now by ZEIT revolutionized deployment of apps, servers and well... pretty much everything. Nowadays, to create a new database deployment in the cloud you need to visit provider's admin panel, deploy a database, copy credentials, go back to code and insert them. Pronto simplifies the first steps by automatically creating a database in the cloud on Compose, saving certificate to the current directory and providing you a set of credentials. Pronto supports all databases provided by Compose.

micro-proxy - Simplest proxy server for microservices

  •    Javascript

With micro-proxy, you can create a proxy server for your microservices based on now.sh path alias rules.This is specially well suited for development to mirror the production configuration of multiple microservices and backends.

now-env - Use `now.json` environment variables while developing

  •    Javascript

With the help of this package, you can easily set environment variables for the use in development.If you're already using a now.json file or the now key in package.json, the env sub property will be assigned to process.env automatically.

title - A service for capitalizing your title properly

  •    Javascript

This package correctly capitalizes your titles as per The Chicago Manual of Style. Furthermore, all of ZEIT's product names are capitalized properly as well.After that, you can use the title command everywhere.

right-now - Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser

  •    Javascript

Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser.Instead of returning the date, right-now may use performance.now, Date.now, +new Date or process.hrtime to get a timestamp suitable for measuring intervals of time. Handy for both animation loops and precision benchmarking.

now-no-alias - CLI tool for now to list idle deploys (with no active aliases)

  •    Javascript

A utility to dump out in JSON all the zeit now instances that aren't linked to aliases.

now-realias - now realias will re-alias now deployments

  •    Javascript

This is a quick utility I wrote that helps with updating the alias on your now deployed projects.You will need to have manually set an initial alias on your deployment, but after that, if you run this utility in the project directory, it will update the alias from the penultimate deploy to the latest deploy.

deployment-type - Determine the potential deployment type of a project on Δ now

  •    Javascript

This Node.js package inspects a certain file or directory path of your choice and then responds with the deployment type that will be selected for it when deployed with now.All of ZEIT's now clients (like Now Desktop and Now CLI) are using this package.

now-client - A JavaScript wrapper for the Now Instant API

  •    Javascript

The official JavaScript client for interacting with the now instant API (please note that this API only allows you to send strings, it doesn't support streaming - but binary files can be encoded as base64 strings).Initializes the API. Looks for token in ~/.now.json if none is provided.

now-cloud - Where you can report bugs of our platform


This is where users can report bugs of the Now platform (a.k.a. "cloud").

awesome-now - Awesome list of `now.sh` deployments.


Awesome list of now.sh deployments. up.now.sh -> Verify if a host is online.

example-zeit-now-dotenv - Using dotenv with https://zeit.co/now

  •    Javascript

You have an app with secrets like database passwords and API keys. You're being responsible by storing that config in the environment (process.env). Because now follows the same rules as npm publish for deploys, your .env file will not be included in the deploy. To fix this, create a .npmignore file that explicitly states to include your .env file.

elk-cli - 🌲🌲 Run your URL shortener (à la bit.ly) from the CLI using now

  •    Javascript

elk is a command line tool that allows you to deploy your own URL shortening service (like bit.ly). All you have to do is elk add /twitter https://twitter.com/holtbt and within seconds that URL on your domain will start forwarding. elk is built on top of Zeit's now and zeit.world services. If you've never used these services, they're amazing and fantastic. now allows you to deploy node servers by simply typing now into the CLI of the directory you want to deploy. Within seconds your node server is out in the wild and publically available (they give you a URL to access it.) zeit.world is DNS configuration service. By typing now alias <your deployed now URL> <your own URL> your own domain will now be point at that deployed service (after you've pointed your domain's nameservers at Zeit's.) Be forewarned though that this feature that elk exploits is part of their paid tier (something they well deserve.) elk will still work without the paid tier; you just don't get custom domain support.

node-sane - SANE Bindings for Node

  •    C++

This is a set of bindings from libsane to node. libsane is a scanner access library used to access scanners on supported systems. You will need libsane installed. Most Linux distributions have it available by default, or with a package like libsane-dev.

shop - 🛍🛒 Full-stack React/Prisma/TS/GraphQL E-Commerce Example

  •    TypeScript

Attempt to create a great reference project with an amazing developer experience wherein a lot of common React/Prisma/GraphQL challenges are addressed. Starts the /api Gateway, the Next.js /web, and a TypeScript watcher for /e2e in parallell.

dat-now - Deploy this to now.sh to host a dat

  •    Javascript

Publish live syncing and versioned websites, files, whatever to now.sh instantly and forever. Set your dat key as an environment variable + deploy via now. You only need to deploy once for each dat key.