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neomutt - :email: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks -- IRC: #neomutt on irc.freenode.net

  •    C

Hopefully this will build the community and reduce duplicated effort. NeoMutt was created when Richard Russon (@FlatCap) took all the old Mutt patches, sorted through them, fixed them up and documented them.

alot - Terminal-based Mail User Agent

  •    Python

Alot is a terminal-based mail user agent based on the notmuch mail indexer. It is written in python using the urwid toolkit and features a modular and command prompt driven interface to provide a full MUA experience as an alternative to the Emacs mode shipped with notmuch. Have a look at the user manual for installation notes, advanced usage, customization, hacking guides and frequently asked questions. We also collect user-contributed hooks and hacks in a wiki.

beginend - Emacs package to redefine M-< and M-> for some modes

  •    Emacs

You might want to read the introductory blog post. Redefine M-< and M-> (or any key bound to beginning-of-buffer or end-of-buffer) for some modes so that point moves to meaningful locations. The real beginning and end of buffers (i.e., point-min and point-max) are still accessible by pressing the same key again.

abunchoftags - (DISCONTINUED, use gmailieer) experimental tag syncing between gmail tags (using X-Keywords) and notmuch tags

  •    C++

attempts to synchronize notmuch tags between the X-Keywords header of messages and the notmuch database. This is highly experimental. It will modify you emails. It may totally destroy all your email. Use at own risk.

gmailieer - Fast email-fetching and two-way tag synchronization between notmuch and GMail

  •    Python

This program can pull email and labels (and changes to labels) from your GMail account and store them locally in a maildir with the labels synchronized with a notmuch database. The changes to tags in the notmuch database may be pushed back remotely to your GMail account. While Gmailieer has been used to successfully synchronize millions of messages and tags by now, it comes with NO WARRANTIES.

muttjump - Jump to the original message from a virtual maildir in Mutt

  •    Shell

Jump to the original message from a virtual maildir in the Mutt email client. Written by Johannes Weißl, released into the public domain.

helm-notmuch - Search emails with Notmuch and Helm

  •    Emacs

This package can be used to search emails, searching result displays as you type thanks to helm, though notmuch-search(1) does the real search.