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update-notifier - Update notifications for your CLI app

  •    Javascript

Inform users of your package of updates in a non-intrusive way.Whenever you initiate the update notifier and it's not within the interval threshold, it will asynchronously check with npm in the background for available updates, then persist the result. The next time the notifier is initiated, the result will be loaded into the .update property. This prevents any impact on your package startup performance. The update check is done in a unref'ed child process. This means that if you call process.exit, the check will still be performed in its own process.

JoliNotif - :computer: Send notifications to your desktop directly from your PHP script

  •    PHP

JoliNotif is a PHP library to send notifications to your desktop directly from your script. It takes care of using the right binary available, without having to worry if you're running on Linux, Windows or MacOS. For example, if you have a long running PHP task - like executing a large test suite, launching a deployment script - you can use JoliNotif to inform your users that a task just finished.

gitify - GitHub Notifications on your desktop.

  •    Javascript

If you are looking for the mobile version - manosim/gitify-mobile. You can download Gitify for free from either the website www.gitify.io or from the GitHub repository releases page.

Statping - Status Page & Monitoring Server

  •    Go

Statping is a Web and App status monitoring for any type of Project. It is an open source server to monitor your web applications and all other HTTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and gRPC services. Statping will automatically fetch the application and render a beautiful status page with tons of features for you to build an even better status page. This Status Page generator allows you to use MySQL, Postgres, or SQLite on multiple operating systems.

watcher - watcher is a Go package for watching for files or directory changes without using filesystem events

  •    Go

watcher is a Go package for watching for files or directory changes (recursively or non recursively) without using filesystem events, which allows it to work cross platform consistently. watcher watches for changes and notifies over channels either anytime an event or an error has occurred.

notifier - Sends notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS, ...).

  •    PHP

The Notifier component sends notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS, ...).



Rotifier is a small application which will notify you of new messages and friend requests after a selected period of time.

Windows Update Notifier


Windows Update Notifier informs about Windows Updates via a desktop notification. Furthermore it enables to install Windows Defender Updates automatically.

zsh-notify - Desktop notifications for long-running commands in zsh.

  •    Shell

A plugin for the Z shell that posts desktop notifications when a command terminates with a non-zero exit status or when it took more than 30 seconds to complete, if the terminal application is in the background (or the terminal tab is inactive). When using the default notifier notifications are posted using terminal-notifier.app on Mac OS X and notify-send on other systems.

lr-notifier - a notification module for angularjs

  •    Javascript

lrNotifier is a notification module for Angularjs. It is lightweight and very simple (less 75 lines of code) and has no dependency on any third party library other than angular framework itself. you can easily customise your notification template and define different channels on the application.include the module in your application.

grunt-hipchat-notifier - Send grunt messages to a Hipchat channel

  •    CoffeeScript

In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named hipchat_notifier to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

alfred-notifier - Update notifications for your Alfred workflow

  •    Javascript

Checks if there is an available update. If an update is available, it will add a message as subtext of your workflow.

notify-error - send an error notification

  •    Javascript

Shows a desktop notification for an error message.If no message is specified, no alert will be shown.

webpack-notifier - webpack + node-notifier = build status system notifications

  •    Javascript

This is a webpack plugin that uses the node-notifier package to display build status system notifications to the user. This is a fork of the webpack-error-notification plugin. It adds support for Windows and there is no need to manually install the terminal-notifier package on OS X anymore.

gobrake - Airbrake notifier for Golang

  •    Go

You can use glog fork to send your logs to Airbrake.

phpbrake - The official Airbrake PHP error notifier

  •    PHP

The version of your application that you can pass to differentiate exceptions between multiple versions. It's not set by default.

redis-notifier - Redis Keyspace Event Notifier

  •    Javascript

Subscribe To Redis Keyspaced Events (v2.8.x) Using Redis' Newly Released Keyspaced Events Feature You can now subscribe to events that the server emits Depending on the subscription mode you subscribe with when starting the Redis Server. In lieu of a formal style-guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.

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