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normalizr - Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema

  •    Javascript

Many APIs, public or not, return JSON data that has deeply nested objects. Using data in this kind of structure is often very difficult for JavaScript applications, especially those using Flux or Redux. Normalizr is a small, but powerful utility for taking JSON with a schema definition and returning nested entities with their IDs, gathered in dictionaries.

redux-pack - Sensible promise handling and middleware for redux

  •    Javascript

redux-pack is a library that introduces promise-based middleware that allows async actions based on the lifecycle of a promise to be declarative. Async actions in redux are often done using redux-thunk or other middlewares. The problem with this approach is that it makes it too easy to use dispatch sequentially, and dispatch multiple "actions" as the result of the same interaction/event, where they probably should have just been a single action dispatch.

redux-normalizr-middleware - Combines redux middleware and normalizr to make flattening nested data a snap

  •    Javascript

Combines the power of redux middleware and @gaearon's normalizr to make flattening relational, nested data a snap.Place this middleware before anything that expects flattened data, and after anything that makes the nested data available (so before something like redux-thunk or redux-promise-middleware).

jsonapi-normalizer - Normalizes JSONAPI for use in Redux or similar systems.

  •    Javascript

A tool similar to normalizr, but which leverages the self-describing schemas present in JSONAPI to automatically normalize without hand-written schema definitions. That's all there is to it! No options or schema definitions.

redux-modules - A modular approach to better organize redux stuff (not another library)

  •    Javascript

This is a modular approach to better organize redux stuff. It was inspired by ducks-modular-redux. However, this handles not only actions and reducers, but also selectors, sagas, middlewares etc. Let's say you have an existing project with a bunch of redux entities, such as articles, users and comments, with their own reducers and selectors, as well as action creators or sagas to perform CRUD operations (see examples/resource).

ngrx-normalizr - Managing normalized state in ngrx applications - transparently

  •    TypeScript

Managing normalized state in ngrx applications, transparently. This package provides a set of actions, reducers and selectors for handling normalization and denormalization of state data transparently. ngrx-normalizr uses normalizr for normalizing and denormalizing data. All normalization and denormalization is defined by the use of normalizr schemas, since that's the way normalizr works. This enables selectors to use a transparent and powerful projection of state data.

redux-entity - WIP

  •    Javascript

This library is intended to make building large apps with redux easier. Applications often evolve from relatively simple requirements (ie, grab data from a server and display it) to more complicated requirements such as loading states, optimistic updates, offline caching, cache invalidation, complex validation, etc.

react-app-best-practice - ⚛️ React-Redux application sample with all the best practices

  •    Javascript

React application bootstrapped with Create React App for using with REST API and Redux for state managing. Both components and redux-specific code (reducers, actions, action types) splitted by feature-first pattern Re-Ducks.

denormalizr - Denormalize data normalized with normalizr

  •    Javascript

denormalizr takes data and entities normalized by normalizr, and returns its complete tree – including nested entities. The entity to denormalize, its id, or an array of entities or ids.

modelizr - Generate GraphQL queries from models that can be mocked and normalized.

  •    Javascript

Read my medium post on why I wrote modelizr. This will generate the following query and make a request using it.

generator-wbp - Scaffold a modern workflow for developing web apps and sites

  •    Javascript

A Yeoman generator which provides a modern workflow for developing web apps and sites. Heavily inspired by generator-gulp-webapp, but far more opinionated. I want to make this generator as hardcore as it can be, starting a new project should be a breeze.

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