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modern-normalize - Normalize browsers' default style

  •    CSS

All credit should go to normalize.css. I just removed some cruft and added some improvements. If you have questions about the source, check out the original source and this for details. The goal of this project is to make itself obsolete.

normalizr - Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema

  •    Javascript

Many APIs, public or not, return JSON data that has deeply nested objects. Using data in this kind of structure is often very difficult for JavaScript applications, especially those using Flux or Redux. Normalizr is a small, but powerful utility for taking JSON with a schema definition and returning nested entities with their IDs, gathered in dictionaries.

normalize-opentype.css - Adds OpenType features—ligatures, kerning, and more—to Normalize.css.

  •    HTML

Note You might also like my more recent take on this project, Utility OpenType: CSS utility classes for advanced typographic features. Adds OpenType features—ligatures, kerning, and more—to Normalize.css.

redux-pack - Sensible promise handling and middleware for redux

  •    Javascript

redux-pack is a library that introduces promise-based middleware that allows async actions based on the lifecycle of a promise to be declarative. Async actions in redux are often done using redux-thunk or other middlewares. The problem with this approach is that it makes it too easy to use dispatch sequentially, and dispatch multiple "actions" as the result of the same interaction/event, where they probably should have just been a single action dispatch.

svg-mesh-3d - :rocket: converts a SVG path to a 3D mesh

  •    Javascript

A high-level module to convert a SVG <path> string into a 3D triangulated mesh. Best suited for silhouettes, like font icon SVGs.Built on top of cdt2d by @mikolalysenko, and various other modules.

graphql-crunch - Reduces the size of GraphQL responses by consolidating duplicate values

  •    Javascript

Optimizes JSON responses by minimizing duplication and improving compressibility. On Banter.fm, we see a 76% reduction in raw JSON size and a 30% reduction in gzip'd size. This leads to reduced transfer time and faster JSON parsing on mobile.

postcss-normalize - Use the parts of normalize.css you need from your browserlist

  •    CSS

PostCSS Normalize lets you use the parts of normalize.css you need, based on your project’s browserlist. Use @import-normalize to determine where normalize.css rules will be included. Duplicate @import-normalize rules will be removed. See all the Options for more information.

normalize-git-url - Turn a Git URL into its canonical form.

  •    Javascript

Normalizes Git URLs. For npm, but you can use it too.

normalize-license-data - clean up licenses from package.json files and the npm registry

  •    Javascript

clean up licenses from package.json files and the npm registry

read-pkg - Read a package.json file

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for the parsed JSON.Returns the parsed JSON.

strip-indent - Strip leading whitespace from each line in a string

  •    Javascript

The line with the least number of leading whitespace, ignoring empty lines, determines the number to remove.Useful for removing redundant indentation.

get-plane-normal - gets a plane's normal from 3 points

  •    Javascript

Gets a plane's normal from 3 points on that plane.With three points on the same plane, determines the unit normal and stores it in out [x, y, z].

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