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vert.x - Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM

  •    Java

This is the repository for Vert.x core.Vert.x core contains fairly low-level functionality, including support for HTTP, TCP, file system access, and various other features. You can use this directly in your own applications, and it's used by many of the other components of Vert.x.

pnotify - Beautiful JavaScript notifications with Web Notifications support.

  •    HTML

PNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin. PNotify can provide desktop notifications based on the Web Notifications spec. If desktop notifications are not available or not permitted, PNotify will fall back to an in-browser notice. Unless you're an alpha tester, none of this README applies to you! You want to check out the README on the master branch.

swift-nio - Event-driven network application framework for high performance protocol servers & clients, non-blocking

  •    Swift

SwiftNIO is a cross-platform asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients. It's like Netty, but written for Swift.

Project Reactor - Create efficient Reactive systems

  •    Java

Reactor is a fourth-generation Reactive library for building non-blocking applications on the JVM based on the Reactive Streams Specification. Reactor is a fully non-blocking foundation with efficient demand management. It directly interacts with Java functional API, Completable Future, Stream and Duration. Reactor Operators and Schedulers can sustain high throughput rates on the order of 10's of millions of messages per second.

ReactiveMongo - Asynchronous and Non-Blocking Scala Driver for MongoDB

  •    Scala

ReactiveMongo is a scala driver that provides fully non-blocking and asynchronous I/O operations. It allows you to stream data both into and from your MongoDB servers.

Ratpack - A toolkit for JVM web applications

  •    Java

Ratpack is a set of Java libraries for building modern HTTP applications. It provides just enough for writing practical, high performance, apps. It is built on Java 8, Netty and reactive principles. It is similar to NodeJS, helps to implement non blocking HTTP apps in Java.

nact - nact ⇒ node.js + actors ⇒ your services have never been so µ

  •    Javascript

Any and all feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please open an issue if you find anything unclear or misleading in the documentation. This is the repository for the javascript implementation. To view/contribute to the ReasonML code, go to http://github.com/ncthbrt/reason-nact. To contribute to the documentation, https://github.com/ncthbrt/nact.io is the place to make PRs.

reason-nact - let reason-nact = (node.js, reason, actors) ⇒ your µ services have never been so typed

  •    OCaml

Any and all feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please open an issue if you find anything unclear or misleading in the documentation. With out of the box support for event sourcing, and a considered implementation of the actor model, Nact can work across a wide variety of domains.

vertx-redis-client - Redis client for Vert.x

  •    Java

The Vert.x Redis client provides an asynchronous API to interact with a Redis data-structure server.

rdbc-pgsql - Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Scala and Java

  •    Scala

rdbc-pgsql is a netty-based PostgreSQL rdbc driver allowing asynchronous communication with the database in Scala and Java languages. See the documentation at http://docs.pgsql.rdbc.io.

concurrent-writer - Highly concurrent drop-in replacement for bufio.Writer

  •    Go

Highly concurrent drop-in replacement for bufio.Writer. concurrent.Writer implements highly concurrent buffering for an io.Writer object. In particular, writes will not block while a Flush() call is in progress as long as enough buffer space is available.