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  •    DotNet

Luminoise is an OpenCL accelerated coherent noise library for .NET. It uses Luminal for access to OpenCL (hence, "Luminoise"), and is modeled after LibNoise.

simplex-noise.js - A fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

simplex-noise.js is a fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript. It works in the browser and on nodejs. By default simplex-noise.js will use Math.random() to seed the noise.

glsl-noise - webgl-noise shaders ported to work with glslify

  •    GLSL

webgl-noise ported to an NPM package so that you can require it from glslify.

geojson-tidy - Filter out noisy points from an input geojson lineString

  •    Javascript

Create a tidy geojson by resmapling points in the feature based on sampling time and distance. Handy when geometries that have been converted from a noisy GPS/GPX output.Any geojson file from togeojson is a valid input for geojson-tidy. Only LineString features are processed currently.

glsl-earth - quick 3D earth for GLSL

  •    GLSL

Quickly get a spinning Earth-like planet on a black background in GLSL. This is not distance field rendering, just a 2D effect.PRs welcome for improvements/optimizations.

glsl-film-grain - natural looking film grain using noise functions

  •    Javascript

Natural looking film grain using 3D noise functions. Inspired by Martins Upitis.This is a fairly expensive technique to achieve film grain, but it looks more realistic than a hash function and also produces better motion.

glsl-random - pseudo-random 2D noise for glslify

  •    C

However, the 'classic' lowp version (with no precision specified) is also included here. Some may find it useful for targeted mobile GPUs.

ZNoise - C++ noise algorithms library

  •    C++

ZNoise is a fast and easy-to-use open-source C++ noise library. This library is a very useful framework for people who want to generate procedural images, heightmaps and textures.

RJModules - Various modules for VCV Rack

  •    C++

It's a bit crusher! Accepts control voltage, and sets a (voltage controlled) minimum bit depth for fine tuning.


  •    Javascript

THREE.Terrain is a procedural terrain generation engine for use with the Three.js 3D graphics library for the web. The latest releases of this project have been tested with three.js r86.

nesly-sound - Create beautiful music on your NES

  •    Assembly

Thomas Hjelm wrote the sound engine code in 6052 asm that this project uses. If you want to learn how sound (or anything else) on the NES works check out the Nintendo Age Forums. Without those this wouldn't even be possible. Takes an Array of notes. Notes can either be strings with the note letter and octave, or a note object created with octavian.

perlin-toolkit - Animated perlin noise textures

  •    ActionScript

Randomly generated background animations using perlin noise producing unique experiences each instance. Demo it in action here.

fast-simplex-noise-js - [UNMAINTAINED] Fast simplex noise implemented in TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Important note: (2017-02-16) I have stopped supporting this library, and am instead concentrating on an OpenSimplex noise alternative, open-simplex-noise. Also, see fractal-noise if you need fractal (octaved/shaped noise) functions. A JavaScript implementation of the improved, faster Simplex algorithm outlined in Stefan Gustavson's Simplex noise demystified. Convenience functions have been added as well, in order to avoid needing to scale and handle the raw noise data directly.

waveform_analysis - Functions and scripts for analyzing waveforms, primarily audio

  •    Python

Since they have a lot in common, I'm trying to combine them into one repository, so I'm not duplicating effort. It's a mess so far, though. I'm in the process of splitting it into callable functions and scripts that use those functions.

snow - A Rust implementation of the Noise Protocol (https://noiseprotocol.org)

  •    Rust

An implementation of Trevor Perrin's Noise Protocol that is designed to be Hard To Fuck Up™. 🔥 This library is in the state of preview - do everyone a favor and only use this for fun or criticizing the author's code for now.

glsl-cos-palette - glsl function for making cosine palettes

  •    Javascript

where a,b,c,d are RGB-colors. This function can be used to make very compact color palettes. A simple editor for making such palettes is provided here. Credit goes to Inigo Quilez for coming up with this technique.

glsl-worley - Worley noise implementation for WebGL shaders

  •    GLSL

From this module, a GLSL implementation of Worley Noise written by Stefan Gustavson can be imported. worley3D is defined as vec2 worley3D(vec3 P, float jitter, bool manhattanDistance). It returns a vec2 where x is F1 and y is F2(it is assumed that the reader knows the meaning of these two). P is the input point, jitter is the amount of jitter in the pattern, and if manhattanDistance is true, then a manhattan distance is used to generate the pattern, instead of the usual Euclidean distance(this basically makes the noise appear more "jagged").

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