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grunt - Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner

  •    Javascript

Visit the gruntjs.com website for all the things. Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide.

karma-nodeunit - A Karma plugin - adapter for Node unit testing framework.

  •    Javascript

A Karma plugin. Adapter for the Nodeunit testing framework.

falkor - HTTP Level Functional Testing Library (nodeunit compatible)

  •    Javascript

A HTTP level functional testing library using nodejs and nodeunit.The main interface in Falkor is falkor.fetch. It returns a nodeunit compatible function with extra methods hanging off it that can be used to define behavior and set expectations.

grunt-contrib-nodeunit - Run Nodeunit unit tests.

  •    Javascript

Run this task with the grunt nodeunit command. Task targets, files and options may be specified according to the grunt Configuring tasks guide.

mochawrapper - Easy testing and coverage reporting simplifying mocha by Harald Rudell

  •    Javascript

The Mocha Wrapper module makes testing with mocha and assert very easy. The addmocha command updates .gitignore, package.json and the test folder in a safe manner so testing can start immediately from a single dependency.

nodeunit-dsl - A pretty dsl on top of nodeunit.

  •    CoffeeScript

A pretty dsl on top of nodeunit. Create a test file.

nodeunit-watcher - nodeunit wrapper for continuous testing.

  •    Javascript

A wrapper for nodeunit to provide continuous testing. nodeunit-watcher calls fs.watchFile on your test files and runs a new instance of nodeunit whenever you make changes to the file specified.