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btcnodejs - A Nodejs SegWit-compliant library which provides tools to handle Bitcoin data structures in a simple fashion

  •    Javascript

btcnodejs is a Segwit-compliant bitcoin library which provides tools for managing bitcoin data structures. It is the NodeJS version of btcpy.Some of the functionalities are a wrapping around bitcore-lib and bitcoinjs-lib, and their development is still in progress.

ffrk-proxy - Proxy for Final Fantasy Record Keeper written in node.js

  •    Javascript

On Windows: Go to the release page and download one of the windows releases (x86 or x64). To start the proxy, just run start.bat and when your firewall is asking, please allow the access. Nodejs has to open a port, where the server is running. On Linux and Mac: Install Nodejs first via package manager, then run npm install. To run it, just type npm start.

trezor-link - Javascript module for integrating TREZOR into Node.js and web applications.

  •    Javascript

Library for low-level communication with TREZOR. Intended as a "building block" for other packages - it is used in trezor.js and chrome extension.

media-scanner - A service used with CasparCG Server software for scanning media located on the server

  •    Javascript

This project facilitates CasparCG Server since version 2.2.0. It abstracts the collection of metadata and generation of thumbnails into a separate process. This project is designed to be used via the AMCP protocol in CasparCG server. However, there are some endpoints for additional data which can only be access directly over http.

lambdaws-instant-api - Create scalable and distributed API endpoints from any Javascript function

  •    Javascript

Create scalable and distributed public API endpoints from any Javascript function. Backed by AWS Lambda and Lambdaws. npm install lambdaws-instant-api or clone this repo.

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