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node-sass - :rainbow: Node.js bindings to libsass

  •    C++

Node-sass is a library that provides binding for Node.js to LibSass, the C version of the popular stylesheet preprocessor, Sass. It allows you to natively compile .scss files to css at incredible speed and automatically via a connect middleware.

eyeglass - NPM Modules for Sass

  •    Javascript

Eyeglass provides a way to distribute Sass files and their associated assets and javascript extensions via npm such that any build system can be adapted to automatically expose those Sass files to Sass's @import directive by just installing the code. If the imported files have references to images or other assets, those will be delivered to the fully-built application with the correct urls. Each package in this monorepo has it's own README that describes how to use it.

stylelint-webpack-plugin - A webpack plugin to lint your CSS/Sass code using stylelint

  •    Javascript

This module requires a minimum of Node v6.9.0 and webpack v4.0.0. Both stylelint-loader and this module have their uses. stylelint-loader lints the files you require (or the ones you define as an entry in your webpack config). However, @imports in files are not followed, meaning only the main file for each require/entry is linted.

node-sass-example - :ok_hand: [UNMAINTAINED] Example app to show how to use node-sass

  •    Javascript

Example app to show how to use node-sass as a connect middleware. Copyright (c) 2016 Andrew Nesbitt. See LICENSE for details.

sass-brunch - Adds Sass / Scss support to brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds Sass support to brunch.Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev sass-brunch.

postcss-sassy-import - PostCSS imports like Sass, with extras!

  •    Javascript

Pull requests and issues are welcome, but since I don't use this in any of my active projects, I don't have any time to make new changes. There's also a simple plugin system for adding new resolvers, formats, and load paths.

compass-importer - A node-sass compass importer

  •    Javascript

A node-sass importer for compass. This package will download an uptodate compass-mixin and link all declarations of @import 'compass' to the mixins. The Compass will also automagically update the compass-mixin from Github. The result is all the power of compass with the speed of libsass. You can use this importer in node-sass or any project that depends on node-sass. the only thing you need to do to make this work is add the importer to the options and include the '.compass' folder.

sass-inline-svg - node-sass function that inlines SVG files

  •    Javascript

You can use this function in node-sass or any project that depends on node-sass. The only thing you need to do to make this work is add the inlinerfunction to the functions option. You should initialize the inliner with a basepath where it will look for the svg files.

hapi-sass - :heart_eyes: A Hapi.js plugin for compiling and serving Sass stylesheets

  •    Javascript

A Hapi.js plugin for compiling and serving Sass stylesheets using node-sass. This is a port of their express middleware to a hapi.js plugin. This plugin will create a single (configurable) route on the server that will respond to requests for css files.

grunt-sass-globbing - Create file with import statements from a configured path

  •    Javascript

This plugin can be used with Ruby Sass as an alternative for the Ruby Gem sass-globbing. It might increase speed on compile time but there is no comparison yet. libsass (and Ruby Sass) do not support globbing out-of-the-box. This plugin helps you migrating existing projects from Ruby Sass to libsass.

sass-glob-importer - Simple importer for node-sass to allow importing Sass files using glob patterns

  •    Javascript

The files will always be sorted alphabetically when imported. Use npm test to run the tests.

sass-module-importer - Simple importer for node-sass to import npm and bower modules

  •    Javascript

Simple importer for node-sass to import npm and bower modules. This tool it will also inline CSS files for you, since Sass cannot import plain CSS files yet. So if the dependency you are using exports a CSS file, it will work too.

wintersmith-node-sass - Wintersmith sass plugin with optional minifying

  •    CoffeeScript

Wintersmith plugin that compiles sass files using node-sass and optionally minifies them using clean-css. The plugin will compile each .scss file in the contents folder to a .css file in the build folder. If you want to include files without compiling them just place the .scss files in the template directory instead of the contents directory.

postcss-sass - Use Sass as a PostCSS plugin

  •    Javascript

PostCSS Sass lets you use Sass as a PostCSS plugin. PostCSS Sass uses node-sass to provide binding for Node.js to LibSass, the C version of Sass.

brackets-sass - Enable Live Preview and compile SASS files within Brackets

  •    Javascript

Compiles *.scss/*.sass files when changed. Updates styles during Live Preview. Demo video: http://youtu.be/gYE7jybP_5Y. By default, this extension uses libsass 3.1. The Ruby-based sass compiler is also supported, see sass.compiler preference. For details on compatibility with the latest Sass features and popular Sass frameworks, see the wiki.

metalsmith-sass - Sass plugin for Metalsmith.

  •    Javascript

A Sass plugin for Metalsmith. If you haven't checked out Metalsmith before, head over to their website and check out the documentation.

node-sass-asset-functions - Node SASS Asset functions

  •    Javascript

NB Please note that the functions option of node-sass is still experimental (>= v3.0.0). When this function returns a string, it's set as the query of the path. When returned an object, path and query will be used.

json-importer - Node Sass importer for importing JSON files as maps

  •    Javascript

This is ALPHA software. It's messy. It's probably slow. It's probably buggy.

node-sass-import-once - Eyeglass style Import Once, but for all the things!

  •    CSS

Custom importer for node-sass that only allows a file to be imported once. Includes additional import bonuses including importing CSS files directly into Sass, automagic Bower imports, the ability to import an `index` file from within a folder name, and the ability to import JSON and YAML files as Sass maps. Inspired by Eyeglass.

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