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node-cron - Cron for NodeJS.

  •    Javascript

Cron is a tool that allows you to execute something on a schedule. This is typically done using the cron syntax. We allow you to execute a function whenever your scheduled job triggers. We also allow you to execute a job external to the javascript process using child_process. Additionally, this library goes beyond the basic cron syntax and allows you to supply a Date object. This will be used as the trigger for your callback. Cron syntax is still an acceptable CronTime format. Although the Cron patterns supported here extend on the standard Unix format to support seconds digits, leaving it off will default to 0 and match the Unix behavior. Because we can't magically know what you are doing to expose an issue, it is best if you provide a snippet of code. This snippet need not include your secret sauce, but it must replicate the issue you are describing. The issues that get closed without resolution tend to be the ones without code examples. Thanks.

node-runnr - Execute set of predefined tasks at a given time/times and at certain interval/s

  •    Javascript

node-runnr is easy to use task master. Execute set of predefined tasks at a given time/times and at certain interval/s. It have a universal timer to monitor all jobs thus no need to re-evaluate jobs at every cycle, hence, its very lightweight. By default, clock cycle is 100ms i.e check and ecxecute task at every 100ms. However, custom cycle can be passed while creating a runnr object.

node-reel - Human friendly cron for Node JS :cupid:

  •    Javascript

node-reel is a heavily inspired by laravel task scheduler syntax thanks to @taylorotwell and uses node-cron by merencia as the default cron driver to run cron tasks. node-reel will use node-cron as default adapter. but you can pass your own adapter and return your own object.