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apostrophe - Apostrophe is a full-featured, open-source CMS built with Node

  •    Javascript

ApostropheCMS is content software for everyone in an organization. It helps teams of all sizes create dynamic digital experiences with elegance and efficiency by blending powerful features, developer happiness, and a low learning curve for content creators. Apostrophe has powered websites and web apps for organizations large and small for over a decade. To get started with Apostrophe 3, follow these steps to set up a local development environment. For more detail, refer to the A3 getting started guide in the documentation.

ddms - Data Drive Management System

  •    Javascript

DDMS is a simple express app. It provides an easy way to create complex forms, so you can do logical in your web pages. Make sure you have mongodb,and with Node.js installed, run these commands from the root of the project.

buttercms-js - Node/JS API client for ButterCMS (https://buttercms.com)

  •    Javascript

For a comprehensive list of examples, check out the API documentation. Requires node.js version 4 or greater.

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