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GUN - A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine

  •    Javascript

GUN is a realtime, distributed, offline-first, graph database engine. Lightweight and powerful. GUN does state synchronization out of the box. It is peer-to-peer by design, meaning you have no centralized database server to maintain. It has offline support, works even without internet. Users can save data offline and when when the network comes back online GUN will automatically synchronize the data.

NoDB - NoDB isn't a database.. but it sort of looks like one.

  •    Python

NoDB an incredibly simple, Pythonic object store based on Amazon's S3 static file storage. Initial load test with Goad of 10,000 requests (500 concurrent) with a write and subsequent read of the same index showed an average time of 400ms. This should be more than acceptable for many applications, even those which don't have sparse data, although that is preferred.

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