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James - Enterprise Mail Server

  •    Java

James (a.k.a Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server, and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail/messaging engine solution based on currently available open messaging protocols.

neomutt - :email: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks -- IRC: #neomutt on irc.freenode.net

  •    C

Hopefully this will build the community and reduce duplicated effort. NeoMutt was created when Richard Russon (@FlatCap) took all the old Mutt patches, sorted through them, fixed them up and documented them.

Postfix - Mail Server

  •    C

Postfix is mail server that started life at IBM research as an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure. The outside has a definite Sendmail-ish flavor, but the inside is completely different. It supports IPv6, DKIM, DomainKeys and SenderID authentication, SPF, Sendmail Milter (mail filter) protocol, Zombie blocker, TLS encryption, LDAP and it supports database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Berkeley DB, Memcache.


  •    CSharp

The NNTPsharp project allows .NET and Mono developers to easily integrate NNTP support into their applications. This project has four components: NNTPSharpLib, NNTPSharpCLI, NNTPSharpGUI, and NNTPSharpGTK. It is developed in C#.Net, targeting Mono and .Net 2.0.

SharePoint NNTP Server


Publish any SharePoint discussion board through a complete NNTP server implementation with full security trimming and NTLM authentication support. The discussion boards act as the backing store for the newsgroups on the NNTP server. All commands described in RFC3977 supported.

SharePoint NNTP List Sync


Syncronizes NNTP groups with SharePoint lists and offers post/reply capability. Sets item date as post date and attempts to lookup user in local directory. A webpart is also provided to access news lists cross-site.

Ada: Automatic Download Agent

  •    ASPNET

Ada is a C# newsgroup binary downloader targeting the Mono runtime. The project is separated into 3 sections, the core class library, the WCF service host, and the administration clients (Currently, only an ASP.NET client is in progress, though the design allows for others)

spotweb - Decentralized community

  •    PHP

Spotweb is a decentralized usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol. Spotweb requires an operational webserver with PHP5 installed, it uses either an MySQL or an PostgreSQL database to store it's contents in.

nzb-grabber-js - Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js. Pass an NZB file buffer which will be parsed and all files and their chunks downloaded. Chunks arrive in order so you can append them to an existing file. When all files are downloaded done is set.

node-nntp - An NNTP client module for node.js

  •    Javascript

node-nntp is an NNTP (usenet/newsgroups) client module for node.js.ready() - Emitted when connection and authentication were successful.

php-nntp - Client for communicating with servers throught the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) protocol

  •    PHP

Client for communicating with servers throught the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) protocol. The recommended way to install the library is through composer.

NewsUP - NewsUP a binary usenet uploader/poster (multiple connections, SSL and NZB).

  •    Perl

This program will upload binary files to the usenet. This program is licensed with GPLv3. This readme contains the basic info on how to run newsup and it's options. For windows installation, or another stuff more specific to some environment/script please check the wiki.

nitpin - 📰 NNTP Client Library

  •    Javascript

Nitpin is an NNTP (Usenet/Newsgroups) client library written in JavaScript for node.js/io.js. This is still in development and needs a lot more refining.

discourse-nntp-bridge - Discourse plugin to keep NNTP & Discourse in sync

  •    Ruby

Primarily used for keeping CSH Discourse in sync with the CSH news server. The only required environment variable is NEWS_HOST. NEWS_USERNAME and NEWS_PASSWORD are both optional, and at least one of the two must be present in order to send authentication along with NNTP.

nntpchan - nntp based decentralized imageboard

  •    Go

NNTPChan (previously known as overchan) is a decentralized imageboard that uses the NNTP protocol (network-news transfer protocol) to synchronize content between many different servers. It utilizes cryptographically signed posts to perform optional/opt-in decentralized moderation. This is a step-by-step guide for getting up-and-running with NNTPChan as well as documentation for developers who want to either work on NNTPChan directly or use NNTPChan in their aplications with the API.

nntp-server - NNTP server for readers

  •    Javascript

NNTP server for readers. This project is intended to build NNTP interface for internet forums and similars.

grabby - A Usenet binary grabber.

  •    Go

Grabby is a multi-connection usenet binary grabber. Grabby is under active development, and not ready for use. In its current form it will use multiple connections to download and yEnc decode the segments of an NZB file from a single Usenet server. It does not yet handle assembly, or any post processing.

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