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neuralmonkey - An open-source tool for sequence learning in NLP built on TensorFlow.

  •    Python

The Neural Monkey package provides a higher level abstraction for sequential neural network models, most prominently in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is built on TensorFlow. It can be used for fast prototyping of sequential models in NLP which can be used e.g. for neural machine translation or sentence classification. The higher-level API brings together a collection of standard building blocks (RNN encoder and decoder, multi-layer perceptron) and a simple way of adding new building blocks implemented directly in TensorFlow.

DCNMT - Deep Character-Level Neural Machine Translation

  •    Python

We implement a Deep Character-Level Neural Machine Translation based on Theano and Blocks. Please intall relative packages according to Blocks before testing our program. Note that, please use Python 3 instead of Python 2. There will be some problems with Python 2. The architecture of DCNMT is shown in the following figure which is a single, large neural network.

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