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nix - Nix, the purely functional package manager

  •    C++

Nix is a new take on package management that is fairly unique. Because of its purity aspects, a lot of issues found in traditional package managers don't appear with Nix. To find out more about the tool, usage and installation instructions, please read the manual, which is available on the Nix website at http://nixos.org/nix/manual.

nixpkgs - Nix Packages collection

  •    Nix

For pull-requests, please rebase onto nixpkgs master. NixOS Linux distribution source code is located inside nixos/ folder.

miso - :ramen: A tasty Haskell front-end framework

  •    Haskell

Miso is a small "isomorphic" Haskell front-end framework for quickly building highly interactive single-page web applications. It features a virtual-dom, diffing / patching algorithm, attribute and property normalization, event delegation, event batching, SVG, Server-sent events, Websockets, type-safe servant-style routing and an extensible Subscription-based subsystem. Inspired by Elm, Redux and Bobril. Miso is pure by default, but side effects (like XHR) can be introduced into the system via the Effect data type. Miso makes heavy use of the GHCJS FFI and therefore has minimal dependencies. Miso can be considered a shallow embedded domain-specific language for modern web programming. To get started quickly building applications, we recommend using the stack or nix package managers. Obtaining GHCJS is required as a prerequisite. stack and nix make this process easy, if you're using cabal we assume you have obtained GHCJS by other means.

my-mac-os - List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing

  •    CSS

I use a lot of applications on my mac. Below is a list of the ones that I love and use the most in my day to day life. I also share my dotfiles together with my iOS setup. And I made a Telegram group to discuss all things macOS/iOS.

nixery - Container registry which transparently builds images using the Nix package manager

  •    Go

Nixery is a Docker-compatible container registry that is capable of transparently building and serving container images using Nix. Images are built on-demand based on the image name. Every package that the user intends to include in the image is specified as a path component of the image name.

fractalide - Reusable Reproducible Composable Software

  •    Racket

Fractalide is a free and open source service programming platform using dataflow graphs. Graph nodes represent computations, while graph edges represent typed data (may also describe tensors) communicated between them. This flexible architecture can be applied to many different computation problems, initially the focus will be Microservices to be expanded out into the Internet of Things. Fractalide is in the same vein as the NSA’s Niagrafiles (now known as Apache-NiFi) or Google’s TensorFlow but stripped of all Java, Python and GUI bloat. Fractalide faces big corporate players like Ab Initio, a company that charges a lot of money for dataflow solutions.

reflex-platform - Reflex FRP is a composable, cross-platform functional reactive programming framework for Haskell

  •    Nix

The Reflex Platform is a collection of libraries and tools that are useful for developing and deploying Reflex-based applications. To get started with Reflex development, follow the instructions below.

home-manager - Manage a user environment using Nix

  •    Nix

This project provides a basic system for managing a user environment using the Nix package manager together with the Nix libraries found in Nixpkgs. Before attempting to use Home Manager please read the warning below. In some cases Home Manager cannot detect whether it will overwrite a previous manual configuration. For example, the Gnome Terminal module will write to your dconf store and cannot tell whether a configuration that it is about to be overwrite was from a previous Home Manager generation or from manual configuration.

dotfiles - Zsh, Karabiner, VS Code, Sublime, Neovim, Nix, Hammerspoon

  •    Vim

These are the various configuration files I use on macOS. I wrote about how you can customize your shell experience in an article here. You can also see my top used applications, Safari extensions and Alfred workflows I use here.

iohk-ops - NixOps deployment configuration for IOHK devops

  •    Haskell

Collection of tooling and automation to deploy IOHK infrastructure.Append https://github.com/input-output-hk/pos-prototype-deployment/blob/master/lib.nix#L46 and submit a PR.

cabal2nix - Generate Nix build instructions from a Cabal file

  •    Haskell

Cabal files can be referred to using the magic URL cabal://NAME-VERSION, which will automatically download the file from Hackage. Alternatively, a direct http://host/path/pkg.cabal URL can be provided, as well as a file:///local/path/pkg.cabal URI that doesn't depend on network access. However, if the source hash is not already in cabal2nix's cache or provided using the --sha256 option, cabal2nix still needs to download the source code to compute the hash, which obviously still causes network traffic. Run the utility with --help to see the complete list of supported command line flags. Detailed instructions how to use those generated files with Nix can be found at http://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#users-guide-to-the-haskell-infrastructure.

nix-mode - An Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions.

  •    Emacs

An emacs major mode for editing nix expressions. This repository is based off of the nix-mode.el file originally located in the Nix repository at misc/emacs/nix-mode.el. Please see the CHANGELOG file for a list of changes.

nixos-weekly - NixOS Weekly Newsletter

  •    HTML

Stay up to date with events, learning resources, and recent developments in NixOS community. NixOS Weekly is a community driven project. Everybody in NixOS community is extremely busy and nobody alone can afford to monitor what is happening. The only way to avoid burnout is to do it together.

nix-bundle - Bundle Nix derivations to run anywhere!

  •    Shell

nix-bundle is a way to package Nix attributes into single-file executables. Make sure you have installed Nix already. See http://nixos.org/nix/ for more details.

nixos-installer - Combining the power of Nix, Guile & Elm to install NixOS

  •    Elm

A webserver that can install NixOS for you. Since this is still mostly in the proof-of-concept stage, I can't promise that PRs will be promptly merged or stay mergable for long since there's still heavy refactoring going on, and nothing is set in stone yet.

nox - Tools to make nix nicer to use

  •    Python

Nox is a small tool that makes the use of the Nix package manager easier. Nox is written in Python 3 and requires nix 1.8 and git. It is released under MIT license.

nix-darwin - nix modules for darwin

  •    Nix

Nix modules for darwin, /etc/nixos/configuration.nix for macOS. The installer will configure a channel for this repository.

nix-docker - Docker images for the Nix package manager

  •    Nix

This repository contains nix expressions to build a minimal docker image for the nix package manager. The current official image for nix is based on alpine, this image that is build from scratch and looks a lot more like nixos. it's easy to build a new custom baseimage using a specific version of nixpkgs, this makes it a lot easier to create an image with a custom version of nix or nixpkgs.

vim-nix - Vim configuration files for Nix http://nixos.org/nix

  •    Vim

Support for writing Nix expressions in vim. The most common plugin managers include vim-plug, NeoBundle, Vundle and pathogen.vim.

pypi2nix - Generate Nix expressions for Python packages

  •    Python

pypi2nix is a command line tool that generates Nix expressions from different python specific sources (requirements.txt, buildout.cfg, ...). pypi2nix will (until further notice) only work with latest unstable channel. This is due to ongoing changes in python infrastructure happening in nixpkgs.

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