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SDFilesSwitch - All-in-One CFW Package for the Nintendo Switch

  •    Lua

This handy All-in-One package includes everything you need to run Hekate / Atmosphere / ReiNX with some extra patches to enhance your experience.

NXLoader - My first Android app: Launch Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android (CVE-2018-6242)

  •    Java

This app is currently in "Alpha" state, it's my first Android app and there is some rather disgusting code (Potentially blocking tasks on the UI thread 🤢). This will be improved soon™. For anyone who wants to look at the exploit source, the magic happens here.

CircuitBreaker - Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit

  •    Javascript

This is Circuit Breaker, a Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit. It is heavily based upon the PegaSwitch toolkit and the ReSwitched team deserves a huge amount of credit for their work, without which this project would be impossible. Make sure you have all the ruby gems installed. Installing ruby and bundler are outside of the scope of this document.

switch-pro-x - A userland driver for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller in wired mode

  •    C++

WARNING: This is currently a work in progress. Don't expect a simple package for installing/running anytime soon.

joycon - Device access library for Joycon(Nintendo Switch)

  •    Go

Note: When Joycon is fitted to the main body, BT sessions are overwritten, so when you connect to PC later, you need to redo pairing.

fusee-nano - A minimalist re-implementation of the Fusée Gelée exploit (http://memecpy

  •    C

Note: This currently uses a relatively large amount of memory (~200k) to store the entire payload. I plan to improve this by generating the payload on-the-fly as it is sent.

vba-m-nx - WIP full featured port of VBA-M for Nintendo Switch

  •    C++

This is going to be the sucessor to https://github.com/RSDuck/vba-next-switch, but is currently not in a useable state. Devkitpro and libnx, freetype and zlib are required for building.

vba-next-switch - Libretro VBA-Next port for Switch

  •    C++

A VBA-M port for Nintendo Switch. It's based of the libretro port(the actual emulator) and 3DSGBA(the GUI, although heavily refactored). After porting 3DSGBA(which often crashed probably because of a huge amount of memory leaks), I tried porting mGBA which ran not so well. That's why I decided to experiment with a lighter less accurate emulator, which lead to this port.

SDSetup - The Ninite for your Nintendo Switch.

  •    CSharp

Homebrew SD Setup is a web application written in C# (and a little bit of JavaScript) running on Blazor. The app lets you select the homebrew applications and custom firmwares you want, and quickly create a zip archive to extract to your SD card. The Ninite for your game consoles. The application has been verified working in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge on Windows 10, as well as Chrome and Firefox on Android. Other browsers are likely to work fine as long as they support WebAssembly or asm.js, and ES6.

Brew.js - C++ high-level JavaScript API for Nintendo homebrew

  •    C

All of them return a execution result, which has information such as if there was any error or the result's type. For more specific information, check the documentation of the different C++ elements.

botw-re-notes - Reverse engineering notes and tools for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  •    C

Information and sometimes documentation about game internals. These files have the *.md extension in this repository. Note: New documentation will be posted on the ZeldaMods wiki instead to make it easier to update information for everybody. Existing documentation is also being moved and will only be updated on the wiki. Some plain text files that were extracted from the executable or generated from the ROM, containing information about game internals as well.