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Provenance - An iOS/tvOS Frontend for multiple emulators, currently supporting various Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Sony, NEC, SNK and Bandai systems

  •    C++

See the instructions on the Wiki and follow them to the letter. Any issues raised that clearly demonstrate that the instructions haven't been followed will be closed. The beginning of something's existence; something's origin.

Provenance - iOS & tvOS multi-emulator frontend, supporting various Atari, Bandai, Sega, NEC, Nintendo, SNK and Sony and systems

  •    C++

To get started, please follow the Installation instructions on the wiki. If you run into trouble, check the Frequently Asked Questions and please read up on our Issues Usage first, before posting any new issues.

SDFilesSwitch - All-in-One CFW Package for the Nintendo Switch

  •    Lua

This handy All-in-One package includes everything you need to run Hekate / Atmosphere / ReiNX with some extra patches to enhance your experience.

repokemon - Showcase of GitHub repos with Pokémon names

  •    CSS

Showcase of GitHub repos with Pokémon names. Pokémon data and images are extracted from the official Pokédex web site. All Pokémon content is © Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.

NXLoader - My first Android app: Launch Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android (CVE-2018-6242)

  •    Java

This app is currently in "Alpha" state, it's my first Android app and there is some rather disgusting code (Potentially blocking tasks on the UI thread 🤢). This will be improved soon™. For anyone who wants to look at the exploit source, the magic happens here.

alt64 - Alternate Everdrive64 Menu

  •    C

alt64 is an open source menu for Everdrive64. It was originally written by saturnu, and released on the Everdrive64 forum. If you want to build the menu, you need an n64 toolchain. We'll use the toolchain recommended by libdragon, with some updated versions.

CircuitBreaker - Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit

  •    Javascript

This is Circuit Breaker, a Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit. It is heavily based upon the PegaSwitch toolkit and the ReSwitched team deserves a huge amount of credit for their work, without which this project would be impossible. Make sure you have all the ruby gems installed. Installing ruby and bundler are outside of the scope of this document.

nintendo-ptc-account-generator - An automation script based on CasperJS and PhantomJS that can create any number of Nintendo Pokémon Trainer Club accounts with a single e-mail address

  •    Javascript

An automation script based on CasperJS and PhantomJS that can create any number of Nintendo Pokémon Trainer Club accounts with a single e-mail address. This only works because Nintendo doesn't check for "email+1@domain.com" e-mail tricks, where the e-mail host completely ignores any part after (and including) the plus sign and sends it to "email@domain.com". This project was started as a proof of concept: even multi-billion dollar companies that just released the single most popular mobile game (Pokémon Go) sometimes miss the details.

FCEUX-Lua-Script-Collection - Lua scripts for FCEUX (an NES emulator)

  •    Lua

Lua scripts for FCEUX (an NES emulator). Multiple games including River City Ransom, Battle Kid

super-mario-maker-client - A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses.

  •    HTML

A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses. Super Mario Maker Client will fetch course data from the Super Mario Maker bookmark portal site. (https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net) It will also allow you to use your Nintendo Network ID and password to log in and bookmark courses to play immediately in game on your Wii U console.

citro3d - Homebrew PICA200 GPU wrapper library for Nintendo 3DS

  •    C

citro3d is a library that provides an easy to use stateful interface to the PICA200 GPU of the Nintendo 3DS. It tries to expose hardware functionality in the way that is most natural and convenient to the GPU and the user, therefore deviating from openGL. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

picasso - Homebrew PICA200 shader assembler

  •    C++

picasso is a PICA200 shader assembler, written in C++. The PICA200 is the GPU used by the Nintendo 3DS. picasso comes with a manual Manual.md that explains the shader language. example.vsh is simple example that demonstrates it.

citro2d - Library for drawing 2D graphics using the Nintendo 3DS's PICA200 GPU

  •    C

Library for drawing 2D graphics using the Nintendo 3DS's PICA200 GPU. This library contains optimized routines that allow 3DS homebrew developers to develop applications that take full advantage of the GPU to draw 2D graphics. The routines in this library have been carefully designed and optimized for the purpose of removing bottlenecks and allowing higher GPU throughput.

bottomless-block-barrage - Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack) clone for the 3ds.

  •    C++

As of now the basic engine is complete, work is now being done implementing the various modes. Basic graphics are used now until better ones are found/made. Once all of the above is in order simply type make and you will get .elf for citra, .3dsx for homebrew launcher, .cia for emunand, and .3ds for gateway/sky3ds.

pokemon-game - Pokemon game — Get 'em all

  •    Javascript

This game was created as an experiment / learning purpose just for fun. This project is not related to The Pokémon or Nintendo. Some data was collected from Bulbapedia.

ObjFW - [Official Mirror] A portable framework for the Objective-C language.

  •    Objective-C

ObjFW is a portable, lightweight framework for the Objective C language. It enables you to write an application in Objective C that will run on any platform supported by ObjFW without having to worry about differences between operating systems or various frameworks that you would otherwise need if you want to be portable. See https://heap.zone/objfw for more information.

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