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nimbus-eth1 - Nimbus: an Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0 Client for Resource-Restricted Devices

  •    Nim

Nimbus: an Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client. The code in this repository is currently focusing on Ethereum 1.0 feature parity, while all 2.0 research and development is happening in parallel in nimbus-eth2. To keep up to date with changes and development progress, follow the Nimbus blog.

nim-cookbook - Nim Programming Cookbook

  •    Nim

This cookbook is aimed at Nim programmers who have familiarity with the language and want to write programs in it. We, the authors and contributors of this cookbook would like this to be a useful resource for questions like — "How to do X with Nim?". Writing new recipes, enhancing, proofreading, fixing bugs in the code are all a community effort. Please send your recipes, improvements and suggestions. Pull Requests are open.

nim-in-action-code - Nim in Action code samples

  •    Nim

This repository contains the source code for all the projects developed inside the Nim in Action book.

nim-syslog - Nim syslog module

  •    Nimrod

A simple syslog module for Nim. Supports Linux, BSD and Mac OS X. Testing and PRs are welcome.

nim-plotly - plotting library for nim-lang

  •    Nim

This is a functioning plotting library. It supports, line (with fill below), scatter (with errors), bar , histogram, heatmap, candlestick and combinations of those plot types. More standard types can be added on request. This is not specifically for the javascript nim target (but the javascript target is supported!).

genoiser - use the noise

  •    Nim

given a lot of alignment files, genoiser helps to find the areas of the genome that have noise signals that result in bad variant (small, SV, ME) calls. It finds per-sample noise and then aggregates across samples and reports the number of samples at each base in the genome that had a given noise signal. These regions can be used as black-list regions instead of or in addition to LCRs. mosdepth uses chromosome-sized arrays of int32's to track sequencing depth. This is fast and flexible.

nimbus - Nimbus: an Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices

  •    Nim

Currently Nimbus requires the latest development version of the Nim programming language. Follow the installation steps or use choosenim. You can build the package and run the tests using nimble test. You can run the example using nim compile --run examples/decompile_smart_contract.nim.

hts-nim - nim wrapper for htslib for parsing genomics data files

  •    Nim

This is a wrapper for htslib in nim. Nim is a fast, garbage-collected language that compiles to C and has a syntax that's not too different to python.

hts-nim-tools - useful command-line tools written to show-case hts-nim

  •    Nim

This repository contains a number of tools created with hts-nim intended to serve as examples for using hts-nim as well as to be useful tools. each of these is described in more detail below.

indelope - find large indels (in the blind spot between GATK/freebayes and SV callers)

  •    Nim

These features will help ensure that it is actually used (fast, easy-to-use) and that it finds new and valid variation. As of November 2017, indelope is working -- it finds large indels that are clearly valid by visual inspection that are missed by GATK/freebayes/lumpy.

mosdepth - fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing

  •    Nim

fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing. when appropriate, the output files are bgzipped and indexed for ease of use.

colorize - 🎨 Simple lightweight package to colorize your terminal output

  •    Nim

Colorize is a lightweight and simple terminal coloring library. It makes it easy to make your terminal outputs beautiful.

spinny - 🌀 Spinny is a tiny terminal spinner package for the Nim Programming Language.

  •    Nim

Spinny is a tiny terminal spinner package for Nim Programming Language. You can even use custom spinners, if one of the std aren't suitible for your needs.

nim-lapper - fast easy interval overlapping for nim-lang

  •    Nim

This uses a binary search in a sorted list of intervals along with knowledge of the longest interval. It works when the size of the largest interval is smaller than the average distance between intervals. As that ratio of largest-size::mean-distance increases, the performance decreases. On realistic (for my use-case) data, this is 1000 times faster to query results and >5000 times faster to check for presence than a brute-force method. Lapper also has a special case seek method when we know that the queries will be in order. This method uses a cursor to indicate that start of the last search and does a linear search from that cursor to find matching intervals. This gives an additional 2-fold speedup over the find method.

AdventOfCode2017 - My solutions for AoC 2017, using Nim and Python

  •    Nim

After solving AoC 2015 in Nim, and AoC 2016 in Python, for 2017 I'll try to solve Advent of Code puzzles in both Nim and Python.

itertools - Nim rewrite of a very popular Python module of the same name.

  •    Nim

This package is a Nim rewrite of a very popular Python module of the same name. Required Nim version is at least 0.18.0.

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