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learn-nightwatch - :last_quarter_moon_with_face: Learn how to use Nightwatch

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with a tool like Nightwatch (Selenium) lets you to run real-world scenarios in your Web App which will give you confidence that the app works in the chosen device(s)/browser(s). Automated Acceptance Testing using Real Browsers.

vue-build - Ultra Simple, Development, Testing and Production Build Cli

The build process is one of the most frustrating things about front end development and cluttering up your app with a bunch of config and packages you rarely ever need to think about doesn't help either.

nightwatch-video-recorder - Record videos of Nightwatch

Record videos of Nightwatch.js test sessions. Uses ffmpeg to capture a (remote) webdriver desktop screen.

nightwatch-html-reporter - Generates an HTML view of the Nightwatch

Generates an HTML view of the Nightwatch.js test reports by either parsing the XML files generated by Nightwatch or by using the Nightwatch reporter options. In version 0.6.4 Nightwatch changed the format of both the generated XML reports and the object the reporter receives after a test run.

grunt-nightwatchjs - Grunt plugin for http://nightwatchjs.org/

Currently the plugin depends on the nightwatch cli being available from ./node_modules/.bin/nightwatch, so your project will have to include nightwatch as a dependency in your package.json. This may change in time. Nightwatchjs may have its own dependencies that need installing too (e.g. selenium jar). Best to check https://github.com/beatfactor/nightwatch.

shop - 🛍🛒 Full-stack React/Prisma/TS/GraphQL E-Commerce Example

Attempt to create a great reference project with an amazing developer experience wherein a lot of common React/Prisma/GraphQL challenges are addressed. Starts the /api Gateway, the Next.js /web, and a TypeScript watcher for /e2e in parallell.

seleniumide2nightwatch - Converts Selenium IDE exported files to Nightwatch runnable js files.

I recommend using something else to convert your selenium files, this package doesn't do much and is quite buggy. Happy to accept PR's though, if anyone wants to develop this. If you find an alternative that works well let me know and I'll add it to this README.

nightwatchcss - Regression testing tool for Nightwatch based on WebdriverCss

CSS regression testing in WebdriverJS. This plugin is an automatic regression-testing tool for WebdriverJS. It was inspired by James Cryers awesome project called PhantomCSS. After initialization it enhances a WebdriverJS instance with an additional command called webdrivercss and enables the possibility to save screenshots of specific parts of your application. WebdriverCSS uses GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick for image processing as well as node-canvas for comparing and analyzing screenshots with node-resemble. To install this package you'll need to have GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick and Cairo preinstalled.

starrynight - Scaffolding and Testing tool optimized for Meteor apps.

Scaffolding and testing tool for creating HIPAA and FDA compliant Meteor apps. StarryNight is a command line tool for use in scaffolding and testing Meteor applications. It's similar to tools like 'rails generate', 'spacejam', and 'mrt'. It's a direct result of 2 years of working on the Meteor Cookbook.

mithril.web - UI for oAuth service

Dashboard can be deployed as a single container from edenlabllc/mithril.web Docker Hub. Dashboard works on top of Mithril management API.


Annon Dashboard is a management UI for Annon API Gateway. It allows to manage configuration and review requests history. Dashboard can be deployed as a single container from nebo15/annon.web Docker Hub.

TypeScriptTestingExamples - Testing tools with typescript: gulp + karma + selenium + phantonjs + mocha + chai + sinon + nightwatch + coverage + travis

Learn how to use testing tools with typescript with this sample repository. Test and configuration files have many comments to help you to understand how to use many popular testing tools.

gulp-nightwatch - gulp plugin for Nightwatch.js

Then, write your gulpfile.js as below. You can pass command line options to Nightwatch as an array by using the option cliArgs.