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terraform-provider-nifi - Terraform provider for interacting with NiFi cluster

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The NiFi provider is used to interact with NiFi cluster. It aims to make flow deployment and maintenance completely automated process. Code is licensed under the The MIT License. Documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

nifi-influxdb-bundle - InfluxDB Processors For Apache NiFi

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NiFi in current version has already built-in data processor org.apache.nifi.processors.influxdb.PutInfluxDB (doc) that accepts flow-files in InfluxDB’s Line Protocol format and stores the data into InfluxDB. This processor is useful only for processing data that are generated by InfluxDB Telegraf or other applications that provides data directly in InfluxDB’s Line Protocol. It is not possible to use it to store structured data (json, avro, csv ...).