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ANLP - Another .NET Lexer Parser

  •    Silverlight

This project aims to have a lexer/parser working in Silverlight and help people to write their own grammar and make the lexer/parser available in Silverlight.

XNA Designer for Visual Studio and XNA Components


This project aims to help game developpers to develop games using game components and game services given in the .NET XNA Framework.

jQuery Control Toolkit

  •    JQuery

jQuery Control Toolkit aims to help web developpers to have simplified ways to have beautiful web 2.0 applications. It also provides wrappers (extenders) for ASP.NET

Php for Visual Studio (Php4VS)

  •    PHP

The Php4VS is a Package for Visual studio which aims to do the same thing as some others do, but with one difference : for FREE !

User Interface Toolkit

  •    ASPNET

Ever dreamed about having one framework to write UI independently of your targetted client ? Now your dream has come true !

Lucene Persistence Engine for Evaluant Universal Storage Services (EUSS)

  •    LINQ

Lucene Persistence Engine is an addin to Euss (Evaluant Universal Storage Services) adding indexing capabilities to it.


  •    Javascript

This project is based on Jint to help making templates. It can be mail templates or anything else you might want to template. Since it is based on Jint you can use full javascript code within you templates

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