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angularspree - Angular(6+) E-Commerce front-end framework

  •    TypeScript

AngularSpree Plug and play frontend application for SPREE E-Commerce API built with ❤️ using Angular6, Redux, Observables & ImmutableJs. AngularSpree is an open source Angular(6.x+) front-end application for Spree Commerce. It's free and always will be.

angular-redux-ngrx-examples - Sample projects with Angular (4

  •    TypeScript

A counter which can be incremented, decremented, with the option to increment or decrement async and reset the counter. This is the most basic ngrx example, with no ajax integration. Simple TODO application with CRUD operations with node backend.

ionic3-firebase-ngrx - Sample Ionic 3 application using ngrx with firebase (auth, crud and camera plugin)

  •    TypeScript

This is a starter template for Ionic projects. This template does not work on its own. The shared files for each starter are found in the ionic2-app-base repo.

angular-rpg - RPG game built with Typescript, Angular, ngrx/store and rxjs

  •    TypeScript

After you have installed all dependencies you can now run the app. Run npm run server to start a local server using webpack-dev-server which will watch, build (in-memory), and reload for you. The port will be displayed to you as (or if you prefer IPv6, if you're using express server, then it's http://[::1]:3000/). angular-rpg is an open source project sponsored by JetBrains.

angular-contacts-app-example - Angular & NgRx Contact Book CRUD example app

  •    TypeScript

This application uses @ngrx/store to manage application state, and @ngrx/effects to manange side effects, It also uses ngrx 4 fractal state management to leverage lazy loading of reducers and effects. @ngrx/entity is released and available on NPM, @ngrx/entity helps to reduce boilerplate and manipulate data in a fast and easy fashion, you can find @ngrx/entity implementation in Contacts Reducer.

angular-ngrx-socket-frontend - Angular Ngrx Socket.IO Example

  •    TypeScript

This Angular project demonstrates the implementation of a simple real time Notes app, with Socket.IO's asynchrnous 2-way event streams, combined with Ngrx/Store library for single state management à la Redux, and Ngrx/Effects to mange the side effects. This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.3.1.

angularhunt - Rate & Discuss(coming soon) about open source angular projects.

  •    TypeScript

Rate & Discuss(coming soon) about open source angular projects. AngularHunt is a platform where developers can RATE, Discuss(coming soon) about latest open source angular 2.x+ projects.

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