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lua-resty-waf - High-performance WAF built on the OpenResty stack

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lua-resty-waf is currently in active development. New bugs and questions opened in the issue tracker will be answered within a day or two, and performance impacting / security related issues will be patched with high priority. Larger feature sets and enhancements will be added when development resources are available (see the Roadmap section for an outline of planned features). lua-resty-waf is compatible with the master branch of lua-resty-core. The bundled version of lua-resty-core available in recent releases of OpenResty (>= is compatible with lua-resty-waf; versions bundled with older OpenResty bundles are not, so users wanting to leverage resty.core will either need to replace the local version with the one available from the GitHub project, or patch the module based off this commit.

jxwaf - JXWAF(锦衣盾)是一款基于openresty(nginx+lua)开发的下一代web应用防火墙

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