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opnfv-cloudify-clearwater - vIMS Clearwater deployment and lifecycle management with Cloudify Orchestrator

  •    Python

This repo contains the TOSCA file and the scripts to deploy and manage a MetaSwitch/Clearwater vIMS on OpenStack platform.It aims to propose a full life-cycle management of this vIMS.

ovsdpdk - Simple Docker Network Plugin for ovs-dpdk

  •    Go

This is simple standalone Docker Plugin implementation to demonstrate Clear Containers with ovs dpdk. Build this plugin.

sriov - Simple standalone Docker Plugin implementation to demonstrate Clear Containers with SRIOV

  •    Go

This plugin supports Docker containers with runc or Clear Containers as the OCI runtime. The plugin is responsible for assigning a SRIOV Virtual Function (VF) into the container namespace. In the case of runc containers, the VF is directly usable by the container.

kube-ansible - Spin up a Kubernetes development environment

  •    Shell

kube-ansible is a set of Ansible playbooks and roles that allows you to instantiate a vanilla Kubernetes cluster on (primarily) CentOS virtual machines or baremetal. Additionally, kube-ansible includes CNI pod networking (defaulting to Flannel, with an ability to deploy Weave and Multus).

vnf-asterisk - Documentation, configuration, reference material and other information around an Asterisk-based VNF

  •    Python

In this repository you'll end up finding a mish-mash of information around a project that @dougbtv and @leifmadsen are working on. For this project, we intend to build out an Asterisk-based VNF (virtual network function). This VNF will not be intended to be deployed to production, but rather provide a set of reference material and examples of how you might go about building one. You can think of this as more of a demo or research project.

RoadToMSc - The Road So Far :man_student:

  •    TeX

When you enter MSc of the Amirkabir University of Technology you must first write a proposal for your problem and ideas that you have to solve it and present it in professors community. for this steps see presentation and proposal. After the proposal, you are free to do whatever you want with your project until next semester. In the next semester you must present your idea again for new students and after that, you pass the seminar course 🎉. At the end, you must complete your thesis and solution to your proposed problem. I wish you a nice thesis 💪. I want to thank Behrooz Farkiani who help me so much in this dark way.

iovisor-ovn - IOVisor OVN integration

  •    Go

IOVisor-OVN extends the current Open Virtual Networking (OVN) project with a new backend based on the IOVisor technology. In a nutshell, IOVisor-ION defines a new data plane that is semantically equivalent to the original one, mostly based on Open vSwitch. The new data plane exploits the eBPF virtual machine (also known as IOVisor) and in future it could be integrated with the eXpress Data Path (XDP) technology for improved performance. IOVisor-OVN sits on side of the traditional OVN architecture, it intercepts the contents of the different databases and deploys the required network services using the IOVisor technology.