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nexus - Code-First, Type-Safe, GraphQL Schema Construction

  •    TypeScript

Declarative, code-first and strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript & JavaScript. Note you must also add graphql. Nexus pins to it as a peer dependency.

nexus-plugin-prisma - A plugin for Nexus that integrates Prisma

  •    TypeScript

Note: A replacement for this library is under development and available in early preview. More details in #1039. This plugin integrates Prisma into Nexus. It gives you an API you to project fields from models defined in your Prisma schema into your GraphQL API. It also gives you an API to build GraphQL root fields that allow your API clients to query and mutate data.

nexus - GraphQL Nexus: Code-First, Type-Safe, GraphQL Schema Construction

  •    TypeScript

GraphQL Nexus is independent from Prisma. To learn how it can best be combined with Prisma, check out the nexus-prisma plugin. You can find the docs for GraphQL Nexus here.

vrnetlab - Run virtual routers with docker

  •    Python

Run your favourite virtual routers in docker for convenient labbing, development and testing. vrnetlab is being developed for the TeraStream project at Deutsche Telekom as part of an automated CI environment for testing our network provisioning system.

nexus - A Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager Docker image based on Alpine with OpenJDK 8


A Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager image based on Alpine with OpenJDK 8.Installation of Nexus is to /opt/sonatype/nexus-version.

grunt-nexus-deployer - Nexus Artifact deployer from grunt against snapshot and release repositories.

  •    Javascript

Checkout starter project and test nexus publishing. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named nexusDeployer to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

node-pom-parser - Parsing Java's pom

  •    Javascript

Parsing Java's pom.xml and properly returning the json object, including attributes and values. node-pom-parser is provided under the MIT license.

gradle-nexus-plugin - Gradle plugin for configuring and uploading artifacts to Sonatype Nexus

  •    Groovy

The plugin provides support for configuring and uploading artifacts to Sonatype Nexus. It can be configured to deploy to a self-hosted instance of Nexus or Sonatype OSS. The default setup is to publish to Sonatype OSS. Currently, Java and Groovy project artifact generation is supported. In addition to the JAR and POM file artifacts containing the JavaDocs and source files are created. Signing the artifacts is optional. The output of all tasks is added to the archives configuration. To tell the plugin that any of these tasks should be added to the project or removed, you will need to set a specific extension property.

nexus - Blue Brain Nexus - A knowledge graph for data-driven science

  •    Jupyter

The Blue Brain Nexus is a provenance based, semantic enabled data management platform enabling the definition of an arbitrary domain of application for which there is a need to create and manage entities as well as their relations (e.g. provenance). For example, the domain of application managed by the Nexus platform deployed at Blue Brain is to digitally reconstruct and simulate the brain. Register and manage neuroscience relevant entity types through schemas that can reuse or extend community defined schemas (e.g. schema.org, bioschema.org, W3C-PROV) and ontologies (e.g. brain parcellation schemes, cell types, taxonomy).

nexus-kg - Nexus KnowledgeGraph Service

  •    Scala

The project bundles the collection of modules that make up the Nexus KG Service. Please visit the parent project for more information about Nexus.

devops-compose - DevOps tools on Docker Compose

  •    Shell

Create the following stack. Create a PostgreSQL instance. It is recommended to use managed services such as Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL for maintenancebility reason. MySQL is available and works as well but PostgreSQL is recommended for JIRA.

grunt-nexus-artifact - Grunt tasks for interacting with Nexus

  •    CoffeeScript

Nexus does really well with binary files. The idea is a repository can build and publish artifacts and other repositories can pull down those artifacts and extract them. Built files don't need to be committed to git, which take up most of the space in git repositories. Run this task with the grunt nexus:target:fetch command.

jabbastic - Jabbastic (made up from jabber and bombastic) is a tool which checks a given website every X minutes if condition Y is satisfied

  •    Javascript

Jabbastic (made up from jabber and bombastic) is a tool which checks a given website every X minutes if condition Y is satisfied. If so, it notifies it's subscribers via jabber.

vsts-nexus - VSTS Build Extension for integration with Sonatype Nexus

  •    Javascript

Create a Generic Service Endpoint and specify your Sonatype Nexus endpoint URL, user name, and password. Create a build definition to automate your build process. For detailed instructions on setting up a build definition, check out this.

artifact-resolver - Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether

  •    Groovy

A standalone executable jar which uses Eclipse Aether libraries to query and optionally download via HTTP(S) an artifact from a remote Maven 2 format repository. The build uses a modified https://github.com/dmitart/scriptjar to compile and generate a single uber jar executable.

nexus-cli - Nexus CLI for Docker Registry v2 🐳

  •    Go

Below are the available downloads for the latest version of Nexus CLI (1.0.0-beta). Please download the proper package for your operating system and architecture.

gota - An over the air cli tool to automate the beta testing distribution of your Android APK and iOS IPA files

  •    Go

Automate the beta testing distribution of your Android and iOS application files. gota is a just command line tool that you can easily integrate in your current continuous integration workflow with tools such as Fastlane.

docker-for-all - Docker applied in development, devops, testing, product management etc.

  •    Ruby

Every industry is undergoing significant fast-paced changes with the disruption of technologies, that were once only in our imagination. Software and Hardware democratization, open source, internet as information equalizer, crowd collaboration, MOOC, IoT - the list is unending. As a technologist and having deep respect for the effort that engineers put in, I feel an obligation to contribute to the democratization. Contrary to the belief of folks who live in the fear that "machines will overtake the world!", I believe that machines and automation will actually make the world better, efficient and exciting to live in. Even if that were NOT the case, the solution would be NOT to fear, but step up your game and get ahead of machines (Do you have another option?). So regardless, I feel we should embrace technologies with optimism and view machines as complementing human skills.

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