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notus-nextjs - Notus NextJS: Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin

  •    Javascript

Start your development with a Free Tailwind CSS and NextJS UI Kit and Admin. Let Notus NextJS amaze you with its cool features and build tools and get your project to a whole new level. Notus NextJS is Free and Open Source. It features multiple HTML and NextJS elements and it comes with dynamic components for NextJS.

next-boilerplate - A well-structured production ready Next

  •    TypeScript

Next.js is a minimalistic React framework that runs in the browser and the server. It offers developers an easy way to get started, and as it uses React.js for templating it is also a straightforward way for developers with React experience to get productive fast. The advantages of this approach is to be able to create Rich User experiences in a uniform way, without compromising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) factors that are key to good ranking on Google and other search engines.

next-express-monorepo-starter - NextJS, Express and Now as Microservices with Yarn & Lerna Workspaces

  •    Javascript

This is a starter/example repo for creating websites with NextJS and API with Express on a monorepo, with yarn & lerna. The web will be available on it's own http://localhost:3000 and also will be mapped to be the default http://localhost:9000/. The source code it's on packages/web and it can be deployed by it self.

Next-JS-Landing-Page-Starter-Template - 🚀 Free NextJS Landing Page Template written in Tailwind CSS 2

  •    TypeScript

🚀 Landing Page theme written in Next.js, Tailwind CSS and TypeScript ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS. Clone this project and use it to create your own Next.js project. You can check a Next js templates demo.

next-on-netlify-demo - Demo of a Next.js app with Server-Side Rendering on Netlify

  •    Javascript

This is a demo of a Next.js application with Server-Side Rendering (SSR). The demo is hosted on Netlify. Minimal configuration required thanks to the next-on-netlify npm package. next-on-netlify makes server-side rendering possible by using Netlify functions under the hood.

nextjs-koa-styledcomponents - :iphone: This is a template for creating next

  •    Javascript

This project uses next-offline for the service worker stuff to cache assets. Styled-components are setup out of the box, otherwise just delete the .babelrc and anything you see related to it.

nextjs-material-kit - NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim

  •    Javascript

NextJS Material Kit is a Free Material-UI Kit with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's material design and is was developed using NextJS, starting from this starter project by Material-UI and Material Kit React by Creative Tim. You asked for it, so we built it. It's a great pleasure to introduce to you the material concepts in an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Along with the restyling of the Material-UI elements, you will find three fully-coded example pages, to help you design your NextJS project. NextJS Material Kit makes use of light, surface and movement. It uses a deliberate color choice, edge-to-edge imagery and large scale typography. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order is obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left and the actions on the right.

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