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cloudrail-si-node-sdk - Unified API Library for: Cloud Storage, Social Log-In, Social Interaction, Payment, Email, SMS, POIs, Video & Messaging

  •    Javascript

CloudRail is an API integration solution which abstracts multiple APIs from different providers into a single and universal interface.With CloudRail, you can easily integrate external APIs into your application. CloudRail provides abstracted interfaces that take several services and then exposes a developer-friendly API that uses common functions between all providers. This means that, for example, upload() works in exactly the same way for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive, OneDrive, and other Cloud Storage Services, and getEmail() works similarly the same way across all social networks.

comms-router - A server which allows you to route tasks to agents.

  •    Java

Comms Router implements routing tasks to agents for handling. Routing is based on skills needed for the tasks and capabilities of the agents. A demo application shows how to apply the router to build a call center.

lex-connector - The Nexmo AWS Lex Connector

  •    Python

You can use the Lex Connector to connect a Nexmo voice call to a Lex bot and then have an audio conversation with the bot. Lex Connector makes use of the WebSockets feature of Nexmo's Voice API. When a call is established, the API makes a websocket connection to Lex Connector and streams the audio to and from the call in real time.

nexmo-cli - Nexmo CLI (Command Line Interface)

  •    Javascript

The Nexmo CLI requires NodeJS 4 or above. If you don't have Node installed on your system goto (https://nodejs.org/en/download/) and download the appropriate installer for your system. Install the nexmo-cli from NPM.

nexmo-developer - Provides resources for developers using Nexmo API platforms

  •    HTML

Nexmo Developer is a platform hosting the Nexmo documentation, API reference, SDKs, Tools & Community content. This repository uses Yelp's Pre-Commit framework for managing shared pre-commit hooks.

nexmo-node - Nexmo REST API client for Node

  •    Javascript

Nexmo REST API client for Node.js. API support for SMS, Voice Calls, Text-to-Speech, Numbers, Verify (2FA) and more.

nexmo-php - Nexmo REST API client for PHP

  •    PHP

This is the PHP client library for use Nexmo's API. To use this, you'll need a Nexmo account. Sign up for free at nexmo.com. This is currently a beta release, see contributing for more information. To use the client library you'll need to have created a Nexmo account.

nexmo-python - Nexmo REST API client for Python

  •    Python

This is the Python client library for Nexmo's API. To use it you'll need a Nexmo account. Sign up for free at nexmo.com. For production you can specify the NEXMO_API_KEY and NEXMO_API_SECRET environment variables instead of specifying the key and secret explicitly.

nexmo-ruby - Nexmo REST API client for Ruby

  •    Ruby

This is the Ruby client library for Nexmo's API. To use it you'll need a Nexmo account. Sign up for free at nexmo.com. Nexmo Ruby supports CRuby 2.0.0+ and JRuby 9k.

verify-javascript-sdk - Nexmo Verify SDK for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

You use Nexmo Verify to verify that a user has access to a specific phone number. Nexmo sends a PIN code in an SMS or Text-To-Speech, your user enters this PIN into your App, you validate the PIN with Nexmo. With Verify SDK for JavaScript you easily integrate Verify functionality into your App. By downloading or otherwise using our software or services, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Nexmo Verify SDK License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

sms_blitz - Send SMS messages through multiple different providers

  •    Elixir

SmsBlitz is a library for elixir that allows you to send SMS messages through multiple different providers. SmsBlitz provides a generic behaviour to make it easy to write conforming client libraries, while also making it simple for developers to choose which provider to use (you could use ex_phone_number to detect the destination country and use the cheapest provider for that country, for example).

ncco-examples - Examples of Nexmo NCCO (Nexmo Call Control Object) to use in your Nexmo apps


This repository contains example Nexmo Call Control Object (NCCO) files. These are JSON files that control the behaviour of incoming and outgoing calls using Nexmo's Voice API. Check our documentation for details of how to use Nexmo's APIs, including NCCO.

nexmo-go - An experimental golang client API for Nexmo.com

  •    Go

This library is moving towards a full client implementation of the Nexmo APIs. The library is supported by Nexmo. It currently has only a handful of Developer (5/15) endpoints implemented, and no webhook support.

nexmo-verify-nuxt - A basic Nuxt/SSR application that allows users to login using SMS and phone verification

  •    Javascript

This repo contains the example code for our tutorial on adding two-factor authentication to an app built using the Nuxt JS framework, Nexmo's Verify API and server side middleware built with Express. Once installed, you will also need to create a file in the root directory called .env, into which you should put your API credentials and an encryption key for the JSON Web Tokens.

voice-google-speechtotext - Demo application of Google Cloud Speech recognition

  •    Javascript

This is a demo applicaiton of using Google Cloud Speech API with Nexmo Websockets to perform realtime transcription in multiple languages. Once you have enabled the API you'll need to create a project and get a set of credentials, these will be downloaded as a JSON file, save that file as google_creds.json in this project.