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react-native-example - React Native Activity Feed example application

  •    Javascript

If you followed the React Native tutorial, you already have a pre-configured app on your account that you can use for this project. Open the .env file in your favorite editor. And fill in the credentials.

mongodb-activity-feed - Activity Feed, Timeline, News Feed, Notification Feed with MongoDB, Node and CRDTs

  •    Javascript

It uses CRDTs to reduce the need for locks. The bull option determines if activity fanout is done over a bull queue or synchronous. The firehose option allows you to listen to feed changes in realtime using Faye.

react-native-activity-feed - Stream React Native Activity Feed Components

  •    Javascript

The official React Native integration library for Stream, a web service for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams. Both packages export the same components (which they re-export from the underlying react-native-activity-feed-core package).

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