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markdown-new-tab - Google Chrome Extension — 🗒️ ⏰ ☑️ Take down notes, save reminders, paste links, create checklists or tables with markdown [M↓] directly in your 'New Tab' page

  •    Javascript

Take down notes 🗒️, save reminders ⏰, paste links 🔗, create checklists ☑️ or tables, all using markdown... directly in your 'New Tab' page! Markdown New Tab is a replacement for the default 'New Tab' page on Google Chrome 🆕 🎉. Markdown New Tab is a replacement for the default Google Chrome new tab page. Refer to this brilliant cheat sheat to get familiar with the markdown syntax.

tabbie - A material, customizable, and hackable new tab extension

  •    HTML

Hi there, Tabbie is now officially deprecated. It does not function anymore because of it's reliance of rather experimental features in chrome, that have now been completely removed. We're working on a rewrite over on quarryapp/app. Follow me on twitter to stay up to date on it's progress.

simptab - 简 Tab ( SimpTab ) - 极简的 Chrome 新标签页扩展,望你每次打开都有好心情。

  •    Javascript

简 Tab ( SimpTab ) - 极简的 Chrome 新标签页扩展,望你每次打开都有好心情。

dev-site - 开发者网址导航,Chrome 插件 oscnews 的子仓库。https://jaywcjlove.github.io/dev-site

  •    Javascript

开发者网址导航,Chrome 插件 oscnews 的子仓库。https://jaywcjlove.github.io/dev-site

Epiboard - Web Extension — A new tab page extension with material design and useful features :new: :tada:

  •    Javascript

A new tab page adding a touch of wow and an interface following the lines of the material design. 🆕 🎉. You can simply and quickly access the weather, your RSS feeds, downloads, sessions, keep a look on Google Trends and much more. Epiboard replaces the default new tab page. Where you can add cards, reorder them with drag and drop. Colors, Dark mode, Languages, Google Trends city can be customized from the settings page. Weather city, RSS, Downloads can be customized from the card settings. All settings are synchronized between browsers.

Frame - New-tab extension for Chrome and Firefox

  •    Vue

In order to make modifications to the extension you'd need to run it locally.

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