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mind - A neural network library built in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A flexible neural network library for Node.js and the browser. Check out a live demo of a movie recommendation engine built with Mind. Use plugins created by the Mind community to configure pre-trained networks that can go straight to making predictions.

neurolib - Neuron emulation tools

  •    Javascript

A collection of utilities that might be useful in the simulation or emulation of neurons for an artificial neural network.The focus of this library is an attempt to simulate the spike-timing-dependent plasticity learning mechanics of real neurons, as opposed to running math abstractions like stochastic gradient descent to accomplish machine learning.

CoreNeuron - Simulator optimized for large scale neural network simulations.

  •    C++

CoreNEURON is a simplified engine for the NEURON simulator optimised for both memory usage and computational speed. Its goal is to simulate massive cell networks with minimal memory footprint and optimal performance. If you are a new user and would like to use CoreNEURON, this tutorial will be a good starting point to understand complete workflow of using CoreNEURON with NEURON.


  •    Javascript

First of all, neuron is not designed for human developers to use directly. Most usually, it works together with neuron-cli. Neuron is a full feature CommonJS module loader which makes your node-style modules run in browsers.

NEURON-UI - NEURON User Interface

  •    AMPL

This repository hosts an experimental prototype for a new user interface for NEURON based on web technologies. First install Docker from here.

neuron-extras - Auto-generate a Table of Contents for your Neuron Zettelkasten.

  •    JSONiq

Auto-generate a Table of Contents / hierarchical index for your Neuron Zettelkasten. This might break your shit, beware.

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