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Flux.jl - Relax! Flux is the ML library that doesn't make you tensor

  •    Julia

Flux is an elegant approach to machine learning. It's a 100% pure-Julia stack, and provides lightweight abstractions on top of Julia's native GPU and AD support. Flux makes the easy things easy while remaining fully hackable. See the documentation or the model zoo for examples.

Keras.jl - A julia wrapper for https://keras.io

  •    Julia

Keras.jl uses PyCall.jl to build a julia wrapper around the python neural network library keras. Keras.jl can handle installing tensorflow (v0.9.0) and keras (v1.0.7) using Conda.jl and the conda-forge channel.

Merlin.jl - Deep Learning for Julia

  •    Julia

Merlin is a deep learning framework written in Julia. It aims to provide a fast, flexible and compact deep learning library for machine learning.