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NetPerSec - Nayuki's updated version of NetPerSec.

  •    C++

NetPerSec measures the real-time speed of your Internet connection. Different types of connections promise different communication speeds, but is this what you're actually getting? Due to network traffic, actual speeds are often slower than what is promised. Cable modems are fast if not many of your neighbors are sharing the line, but can slow down considerably with a heavy load. How do you know when it's time to switch to DSL? NetPerSec lets you check your connection speed in real time. It monitors all TCP/IP activity to and from the Internet or other networks, and graphs the communication speed. Its dynamic tray icon shows send and receive activity with a bar graph or a histogram. For details, open the program's main window to view current and average send and receive speeds in a configurable, graphical display. You can adjust the sampling rate and the amount of data used to compute the average. The Graph tab now displays the "Max" value for received and transmitted data samples. This value is the fastest sample currently displayed in the graphing window.

streamsx.network - Toolkit for working with network data

  •    C++

This version of the toolkit is intended for use with IBM Streams release 4.1 and later. This toolkit implements the NLS feature. Use the guidelines for the message bundle.