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  •    Java

OpenNMS is the world's first enterprise grade network management platform developed under the open source model. A Java/XML-based Distributed Network & Systems Management platform.

nodewatcher - A modular open networks growing platform.

  •    Python

nodewatcher is one of the projects of wlan slovenija open wireless network. Its main goal is the development of an open source network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintanance platform with emphasis on community. This is the development branch with future (3.0) version of nodewatcher which is still being developed and does not have all the functionality found in the 2.0 version. For stable 2.0 version, switch to the master branch.

ygot - A YANG-centric Go toolkit - Go/Protobuf Code Generation; Validation; Marshaling/Unmarshaling

  •    Go

Whilst ygot is designed to work with any YANG module, for OpenConfig modules, it can provide transformations of the schema to optimise the data structures that are produced for use in systems that generate data instances of the models for configuration purposes. These helper methods require that the OpenConfig style guide patterns are implemented, a model can be verified to conform with these requirements using the OpenConfig linter. Note: This is not an official Google product.

ndmtk - Network Discovery and Management Toolkit

  •    Python

Network Discovery and Management Toolkit (ndmtk) makes Ansible "work" for both Traditional and Software-Defined Network (SDN) network management. The future of network management lies in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Any network-enabled device will be able to build connectivity to a remote peer on-demand, without human intervention. The restraint on that ability are the AI-enabled systems acting as gatekeepers. AI is impossible without ongoing data collection, data analysis, probing, and modeling. As such, networks of the future need tools to perform the above tasks.

netmagis - Network Management Information System


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