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latte - ☕ Latte: the intuitive and fast template engine for those who want the most secure PHP sites

  •    PHP

Latte is a template engine for PHP which eases your work and ensures the output is protected against vulnerabilities, such as XSS. Documentation can be found on the website.

nette.ajax.js - Flexible AJAX for Nette Framework. Supports snippets, redirects etc.

  •    Javascript

Flexible utility script for AJAX in Nette Framework. Supports snippets, redirects etc. http://addons.nette.org/cs/nette-ajax-js

application - 🏆 A full-stack component-based MVC kernel for PHP that helps you write powerful and modern web applications

  •    PHP

Model-View-Controller is a software architecture that was created to satisfy the need to separate utility code (controller) from application logic code (model) and from code for displaying data (view) in applications with graphical user interface. With this approach we make the application better understandable, simplify future development and enable testing each unit of the application separately. Please, see documentation.

bootstrap - 🅱 The simple way to configure and bootstrap your Nette application.

  •    PHP

Setting environment and creating a Dependency Injection (DI) container is in Nette in charge of the Nette Bootstrap. Documentation can be found on the website.

caching - ⏱ Caching library with easy-to-use API and many cache backends.

  •    PHP

Cache accelerates your application by storing data - once hardly retrieved - for future use. Documentation can be found on the website.

command-line - ⌨ Command line options and arguments parser.

  •    PHP

The last stable release requires PHP version 5.4 or newer (is compatible with PHP 7.0 and 7.1).

component-model - ⚛ Component model foundation for Nette.

  •    PHP

Components are the foundation of reusable code. They make your work easier and allow you to profit from community work. Components are wonderful. Nette Framework introduces several classes and interfaces for all these types of components. Documentation can be found on the website.

database - 💾 A database layer with a familiar PDO-like API but much more powerful

  •    PHP

Nette provides a powerful layer for accessing your database easily. The Nette Database Core is a wrapper around the PDO and provides core functionality.

di - 💎 Flexible, compiled and full-featured Dependency Injection Container with perfectly usable autowiring and support for all new PHP 7

  •    PHP

Purpose of the Dependecy Injection (DI) is to free classes from the responsibility for obtaining objects that they need for its operation (these objects are called services). To pass them these services on their instantiation instead. Nette DI is one of the most interesting part of framework. It is compiled DI container, extremely fast and easy to configure.

docs - 📖 The Nette documentation

  •    PHP

Nette welcomes contributions. You are free to make changes or translate existing pages. Before contributing, please read information to make sure everything is ok. Before you send a pull request, run code standard test please.

finder - 🔍 Finder: find files and directories with an intuitive API.

  •    PHP

Nette Finder makes browsing the directory structure really easy. Documentation can be found on the website.

forms - 📝 Generating, validating and processing secure forms in PHP

  •    PHP

Why should you bother setting up framework for a simple web form? You won't have to take care about routine tasks such as writing two validation scripts (client and server) and your code will be safe against security breaches. Nette Framework puts a great effort to be safe and since forms are the most common user input, Nette forms are as good as impenetrable. All is maintained dynamically and transparently, nothing has to be set manually. Well known vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) are filtered, as well as special control characters. All inputs are checked for UTF-8 validity. Every multiple-choice, select box and similar are checked for forged values upon validating. Sounds good? Let's try it out.

http - 🌐 Abstraction for HTTP request, response and session

  •    PHP

HTTP request and response are encapsulated in Nette\Http\Request and Nette\Http\Response objects which offer comfortable API and also act as sanitization filter. Documentation can be found on the website.

mail - 📧 Handy email creation and transfer library for PHP with both text and MIME-compliant support

  •    PHP

Almost every web application needs to send e-mails, whether newsletters or order confirmations. This library provides necessary tools. Documentation can be found on the website.

neon - 🍸 Encodes and decodes NEON file format.

  •    PHP

NEON is very similar to YAML.The main difference is that the NEON supports "entities" (so can be used e.g. to parse phpDoc annotations) and tab characters for indentation. NEON syntax is a little simpler and the parsing is faster. Documentation can be found on the website.

nette-minified - [DISCONTINUED] Minified version of Nette Framework.

  •    PHP

This is minified version of Nette Framework. Full version is available here. The uncompressed version is best used during development or debugging; the compressed one may improve performance in production.

php-generator - 🐘 Generates neat PHP code for you. Supports new PHP 7.2 features.

  •    PHP

Generate PHP code, classes, namespaces etc. with a simple programmatical API. Documentation can be found on the website.

reflection - [DISCONTINUED] Docblock annotations parser and common reflection classes

  •    PHP

The last stable release requires PHP version 5.6 or newer (is compatible with PHP 7.0 and 7.1). If you need to find every information about any class, reflection is the right tool to do it. You can easily find out which methods does any class have, what parameters do those methods accept, etc.

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