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docker-nfqueue-scapy - Docker container for intercepting packets with scapy from a netfilter queue (nfqueue)

  •    Python

Docker container with an example python script to listen for packets on a netfilter queue and manipulate them with scapy. You can listen on any queue number, and you can push packets into the queue from any iptables rule. This container gives you a powerful prototyping and debugging tool for monitoring, manipulating, dropping, accepting, requeing, or forwarding network packets in python. You can read from a queue on the host with --net=host --cap-add=NET_ADMIN. Or, you can run it within another container's namespace to listen for packets on an nfqueue in that container's network namespace. This container includes a full installation of scapy and python netfilter queue (nfqueue) bindings, and an example python script nfqueue_listener.py to print incoming packets on the queue.

node-nfqueue - Node.js bindings to netfilter nfqueue

  •    C++

This is a node.js binding to the linux netfilter NFQUEUE. It allows to filter packets thought a javascript program. This is done asynchronously using libuv poll. recv() may return -1 and errno is set to ENOBUFS in case that your application is not fast enough to retrieve the packets from the kernel.