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Windows-Secure-Host-Baseline - Configuration guidance for implementing the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 DoD Secure Host Baseline settings

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The Windows Secure Host Baseline (SHB) provides an automated and flexible approach for assisting the DoD in deploying the latest releases of Windows 10 using a framework that can be consumed by organizations of all sizes. Formal product evaluations also support the move to Windows 10. The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) oversees evaluations of commercial IT products for use in National Security Systems.

VulnWhisperer - Create actionable data from your Vulnerability Scans

  •    Python

VulnWhisperer is a vulnerability data and report aggregator. VulnWhisperer will pull all the reports and create a file with a unique filename which is then fed into logstash. Logstash extracts data from the filename and tags all of the information inside the report (see logstash_vulnwhisp.conf file). Data is then shipped to elasticsearch to be indexed. The following instructions should be utilized as a Sample Guide in the absence of an existing ELK Cluster/Node. This will cover a Debian example install guide of a stand-alone node of Elasticsearch & Kibana.

Hardware-and-Firmware-Security-Guidance - Guidance for the Spectre, Meltdown, Speculative Store Bypass, Rogue System Register Read, Lazy FP State Restore, Bounds Check Bypass Store, TLBleed, and L1TF/Foreshadow vulnerabilities as well as general hardware and firmware security guidance

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This repository provides content for aiding DoD administrators in verifying systems have applied and enabled mitigations for hardware and firmware vulnerabilities such as side-channel and UEFI vulnerabilities. The repository is a companion to NSA Cybersecurity Advisories such as Vulnerabilities Affecting Modern Processors. This repository is updated as new information, research, strategies, and guidance are developed. The following mitigations generally apply to all systems. For specific steps for a particular operating system or vendor product, consult detailed instructions and strategies at Specific Guidance.

Seccubus - Easy automated vulnerability scanning, reporting and analysis

  •    Javascript

Seccubus automates regular vulnerability scans with various tools and aids security people in the fast analysis of its output, both on the first scan and on repeated scans. On repeated scan delta reporting ensures that findings only need to be judged when they first appear in the scan results or when their output changes.

RTA - Red team Arsenal - An intelligent scanner to detect security vulnerabilities in company's layer 7 assets

  •    Python

Red Team Arsenal is a web/network security scanner which has the capability to scan all company's online facing assets and provide an holistic security view of any security anomalies. It's a closely linked collections of security engines to conduct/simulate attacks and monitor public facing assets for anomalies and leaks. It's an intelligent scanner detecting security anomalies in all layer 7 assets and gives a detailed report with integration support with nessus. As companies continue to expand their footprint on INTERNET via various acquisitions and geographical expansions, human driven security engineering is not scalable, hence, companies need feedback driven automated systems to stay put.

nessusbeat - A Beat that monitors a local Nessus reports directory and outputs scan results to Elasticsearch or Logstash

  •    Go

Nessusbeat provides a Beat that monitors a local Nessus installation's reports directory and exports, parses, and outputs scan results to supported Beat outputs. To build the binary for Nessusbeat run the command below. This will generate a binary in the same directory with the name nessusbeat.

risu - Risu is Nessus parser, that converts the generated reports into a ActiveRecord database, this allows for easy report generation and vulnerability verification

  •    Ruby

Risu is Nessus parser, that converts Nessus .nessus xml files into a ActiveRecord database, this allows for easy report generation and vulnerability verification. Risu has been tested with ruby-2.0.0, ruby-2.1.0 and ruby-2.2.3. Please use the latest version if possible. I recommend using chruby or RVM to setup your ruby environment.

gray_hat_csharp_code - This repository contains full code examples from the book Gray Hat C#

  •    CSharp

This repository contains fully-fleshed out code examples from the book Gray Hat C#. In this book, a wide variety of security oriented tools and libraries will be written using the C# programming language, allowing for cross-platform automation of the most crucial aspects of a security engineer's roles in a modern organization. Many of the topics will also be highly useful for hobbyists and security enthusiasts who are looking to gain more experience with common security concepts and tools with real world examples for both offensive and defensive purposes. We cover a broad slice of concepts a modern security engineer must be familiar with, starting with a brief introduction to the C# language. After the introduction, we focus on fuzzing web application vulnerabilities and writing exploits for them. This is followed by C# payloads for pentesters to use for remote command execution and persistence. Then, we move onto security tool automation using true APIs, not just calling programs from the system shell. Finally, we focus on reverse engineering and forensics in the final chapters.

PHPNessusNG - PHP wrapper functions for interfacing with the Nessus V6.x API

  •    PHP

PHP wrapper functions for interfacing with the Nessus V6.x API. The Nessus 6 Vulnerability Scanner provides a RESTful API interface. This library aims to be a wrapper around this API, allowing you to query it directly, as detailed in the API documentation.

Detect-CVE-2017-15361-TPM - Detects Windows and Linux systems with enabled Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) vulnerable to CVE-2017-15361

  •    PowerShell

This repository provides content for aiding DoD administrators in detecting systems that have an enabled Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is vulnerable to CVE-2017-15361 and is a companion to Information Assurance Advisory RSA Key Generation Vulnerability Affecting Trusted Platform Modules. The files in this repository can be downloaded as a zip file here. See LICENSE.

BitLocker-Guidance - Configuration guidance for implementing BitLocker. #nsacyber

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Microsoft BitLocker is a full volume encryption feature built into Windows. BitLocker is intended to protect data on devices that have been lost or stolen. BitLocker is available in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows 8/8.1, and in the Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 10. BitLocker is also included in the Windows Server releases of Windows since Window Server 2008. This repository hosts Group Policy Objects, compliance checks, and configuration tools in support of implementing BitLocker.

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