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nemo-accessibility - Automate Accessibility testing within your environment (Localhost)

  •    Javascript

nemo-accessibility is a nemo plugin aimed to run accessibility scans during nemo tests. nemo-accessibility plugin uses AATT api from AATT to run accessibility scans on a given page or on a given element on a page.You could also run accessibility scan on a certain element like below. This is useful when lets say you scanned an entire page already, and subsequently a certain automated test interaction opened a dialog box; you can now only scan newly opened dialog box since you already scanned the rest of the page before.

nemo-example-app - Kraken application with Nemo automation included

  •    Javascript

It is recommended that you are running node@v4 or above. If you are using v0.12 for some reason, note that newer versions of selenium-webdriver use ES6 features. You will need to make sure your node process is started with the harmony flag. In general, it's best to use node@v4 or newer.If you plan to run the wdb-spec.js test (it doesn't run by default), you will need to have an appropriate version of the selenium-standalone jar file on your system. Please see below for more information.

nemo-screenshot - Plugin for Nemo testing framework for adapting selenium screenshot capabilities

  •    Javascript

The plugin takes as argument the path to save the screenshots and an optional eventsArray. The events array can have one or more of the following elements.If set, the test title will be used as the screenshot filename when an exception occurs. Default screenshot filename is ScreenShot_onException-[process_id]-[timestamp].png, which is not easy to identify the failing test case.

nemo-view - View interface for the Nemo automation framework

  •    Javascript

View Interface for nemo views.Where type is any of the selenium locator strategies. A locator or type CANNOT be empty/blank/absent in JSON object representation of locatorDefinition. An error will be thrown during the setup of nemo-view. If type under locatorDefinition is invalid (not amongst allowed types) then an error is thrown as well.

nemo-locatex - Locator abstraction to layer locale (or other) level to selenium-webdriver locators for the Nemo automation framework

  •    Javascript

Specify different Nemo locator objects per-locale.Now the locatex function will be available in any of your nemo tests which include locators.

nemo-runner - Wrapper to run nemo/mocha suites

  •    Javascript

You should have seen two Firefox and two Chrome browser instances open and execute the scripts.

gtkhash - A GTK+ utility for computing message digests or checksums

  •    C

GtkHash is a desktop utility for computing message digests or checksums. Most well-known hash functions are supported, including MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA256/SHA512), SHA3 and BLAKE2. It's designed to be an easy to use, graphical alternative to command-line tools such as md5sum.

nemo-fixo - Create extendable and composable test fixtures.

  •    Javascript

nemo-fixo is a nemo plugin to manage your test fixtures. Test fixtures can be complex when you need to run your tests for different environments and locales, as there tends to be a lot of data duplication.


  •    Javascript

Page is a plugin for the nemo test framework which brings a more page-structured approach to testing your data. The intention behind Page is that you would structure your locator file how it is laid out in your app (more or less). The type field is any of the locator strategies here: http://seleniumhq.github.io/selenium/docs/api/javascript/namespace.

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